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Clayton’s Post #5

Clayton’s Post #5

A Clayton’s Post (The post you have when you aren’t having a post).

Scratching together stuff I have seen during the week… purely for Larisa‘s benefit… why have a feedreader when you have a Gnome?

Less Healers… more DPS?
Blessing of Kings talks about Balancing Around Fewer Healers
Enchanters Unite!

Pugnacious Priest leads the call to all unionized Enchanters out there (scabs need not apply.. you know who you are… your the one’s offering free enchants) Pugnacious Priest Enchanters on Strike, Union calls for payrise

Want to piss off a blogger?
Matt discussed Blog commenting and the way to piss us (all) off at World of Matticus with Matt’s Commenting Policy and One Way to Piss Off a Blogger (Don’t Do It)

Be Nameless asks what Tauren tents are made of, if not cow hide.
Shh, I’m not really here, and talks about The rise of the Hardcore Casual.

Super Mount Macro

Got one of those super mount macros to randomise your mount selection, add vanity pets etc, yet it wont all fit in? Almost Evil has a great tip for squeezing it all in.

WoW Insider
WoW Insider takes a look at a couple of things of interest to me, Battle Ground Achievements:
WoWInsider: The Art of War(craft): Battleground Achievements part I

And linking the Auction House to the Armory (which I don’t agree with)
Why Blizzard needs to put AH data on the Armory

Mage Stuff

A sad day, Tachyon informs us of the end of Subcreation. I’m so sad, it’s hard to say more. (more…)

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True Mage Confessions

True Mage Confessions

I think I need to pop over to Dwarf Priest and see if my confession will be taken. Inspired by True Priest Confessions (and I am going to pinch a couple)

Bless me Mother for I have sinned.
It has been 200 years since my last confession. (more…)

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I asked your opinion on whether I should upgrade all my gems to Epic Gems in the post Should I save the cash, or blow the mobs away?

Well the poll results are in, and it looks like I am saving the cash for retirement, or WoLK, whichever comes 1st. (more…)

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Ducking and Weaving – Fire #5

<< Ducking and Weaving – Fire #4

Ducking and Weaving – Fire #5

Ohhh good try Larisa, you nearly had me hypnotized then with your bout of concentrating… Imagine a flighty Fire Mage like myself sucked into listening carefully to a hyper intelligent pigtail wearing smarty pants “school girl”.

Luckily for me, I have a bit of protection up my tree.  Sure you can burn points in Improved Arcane Missiles to prevent interruption (maybe there is nothing better to waste them on), and sure you can get some super quick Arcane Blasts out once you wind up – at an insane cost in Mana… but ohhh you spec’d for Mana.. what an intelligent thing to do!

And for all your talk of low threat Arcane talented spells, I think you forgot that us Fire Mages get to kill a couple of birds with one stone (Or was that Harpies with 2 talent points) (more…)

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This is not a love song…
This is not a Lock song…
This is not a Lock Blog…

But I know where some good ones are.

Most likely you have made it to this site looking for tips on creating your Level 19 Twink Warlock, in which case you have come to a good place, at least to start with.

So the Warlock twinking guide starts here, and you can follow through the various chapters.
Twinking your level 19 Warlock: Part 1. Introduction

However, that will probably be it for Warlock information on this blog.  No I am not joining the Mage QQ Nerf the Warlock fraternity, but there are just better places to spend your Warlock Blog browsing energy. (more…)

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A couple of things…

1st up, I logged in this morning to find this welcoming sight… It has been a while since I saw this, and just had to share it.  That’s my stockbroker there in the picture… just as in Australian toothpaste commercials, he can’t show his face…


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Novelty Glyphs

Novelty Glyphs
Glyph Interface from the Hunters Mark WoLK screenshots

Glyph Interface from the Hunter's Mark WoLK screenshots

I guess one thing that inspires me about the coming glyphs in WoLK, is the flexibility that this will give Blizzard to give us minor tweaks to things, even if they are cosmetic. Most likely they will need to increase the number of minor glyphs that are usable to satisfy my desires, but at least they have given me 2 slots to begin with.

So if I could add some novelty glyphs into the game, what would I add? (more…)

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