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Well Alltop has already come through with a beauty for me.

I saw this topic from a couple in azeroth: Coolest. WoW Forum Post. Ever.

And I must say, that as a father of a little one, yes it is the coolest WoW Forum Post. Ever.

And it’s a Mage post to boot!

Here it is if you want to go straight there (it’s a long thread.. but the 1st post nails it):

Mage Guide to takng Down Beach Murlocs

Gnomer & Out!

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How to spot price poisoning (and what to do about it)

RockSlice (Core Developer) for Auctioneer has some handy information on how to spot price poisoning (and what to do about it).


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When RL and WoW collide…

When RL and WoW collide…

I got an invite today to Murmur…. no not the one in Shadow Labyrinth, at a cafe called Murmur for a farewell.

Still for a little while there, I was wondering which gear set I should take, whether the group was going to be up to it etc…

Sorry… just had to share that with you…

Gnomer and Out!

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The reason I love the Auction House


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The Pen is Mightier than the Sword…

The Pen is Mightier than the Sword…

A Picture tells a 1,000 words…

So how many puncture wounds does this picture reveal? (more…)

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My Pal, My Theme Song

What is Gnomeaggedon’s Theme Song?


Well, not so much the words, although “Your my only friend, and you don’t even like me” is probably quite pertinent to most WoW friendships.

No, it’s more about the feeling that the music invokes in me.

The initial strumming/picking of the guitar, feels like the tank pulling and starting to build threat, while I squirm with impatience, then throw the first few scorches out building up for the drums…

You know you are going to pull aggro any seconds now, but you just can’t stop

Then it’s all out chaos, fireballs flying, fireballs-to-the-wall action. (more…)

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Do we need a PlusDPS?

Larisa asked the question at the beginning of the month, in response to the success of PlusHeals. At the time it was suggested that we already had Subcreation’s Intelligent Mage discussion.

Now with the demise of Subcreation, I think the question should be reviewed again.

Is Eliist Jerks enough for the vast magority of the Mage population, or is it a little too high end?

Do the various other Mage (and other DPS) forums (Unofficial World of Warcraft, Allakhazam, etc) cater well enough, or should there be another central forum for the Average Gnome Mage on the street?

Should someone create PlusDPS.com?

Gnomer and Out!

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