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So I had a quick play with Rawr the other day.

I am not 100% sure I like it, but it gave me another source of gear comparison.

I probably gimped it a fair bit by reducing my potential upgrades (fundamentally to zip, cause I am not doing any serious raiding), but my biggest problem was it came back with great options for both my Trash +damage set and my +Spell Hit set… issue is, it was saying use the same gear, just regemmed…  I don’t really want to create extra Spellstrike etc sets…

Anyway, the best way for me to upgrade my gear was quite simply to regem to Epic gems.

Sure no worries, so I just need 12 shiny new Epic gems at either 15 badges or 300 gold each.

I have decided against using the gems, as there are 2 badge upgrades I could get, so that comes down to cold hard cash.

Should I spend 3,600 gold regemming my gear?

I will let you decide… poll is over there >>

Gnomer and Out!

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Real Mages don’t need mounts

Real Mages don’t need mounts and other mount improvement ideas

I like mounts as an expression of my “individuality”. Some people collect pets (combat or otherwise), some people need the right clothing combinations. Me, I need the right mount.

I hope with WoLK, we can not just cut and colour our hair, but can make appropriate modifications to our mounts, racing stripes, spray paint, spots whatever takes your fancy. (more…)

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