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Flying Carpet!

OK, shamelessly ripped off from WoW Insider… but have a look at this… Tailors rejoice!

This is a very fast rug

This is a very fast rug

Gnomer and Out!

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Who is WoW designed for anyway?

Who is WoW designed for anyway?

My post about the blue post suggesting there is a bit of fiery love on the way elicited some responses.  The one from pewpewlazerz got me thinking.

Why can’t Blizzard get the classes/abilities balanced?

Then something occurred to me.  For something to be balanced (imagine a see-saw), then there needs to be a central point, or axis, around which everything is balanced.

Now I am sure that someone like Tobold could give a much more in depth and well reasoned analysis of game design, and the pro’s and cons’ of balance, but we amateurs have a voice too, so here’s what I think.

WoW is designed around:


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