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Well Friday night was another average Kara run.

For one thing the Olympics opening ceremony was on, and everyone was slightly distracted, especially my wife.  Hang on, she doesn’t play…. but she does pull my strings, so I had lots of AFK moments while she dragged me back into the living room.  I didn’t see anything interesting, always missing what she was excited about – which didn’t make her happy (at all).

Still we had a pretty good group, including a hunter that was sharing top billing on the damage meters with the rogue & I.  Unfortunately he was one of those eager to share stats… frequently, as well as introduce us to his raft of “chatty mods” – those ones that spam raid channel.

The tank has him on ignore (more…)

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Family & Friends – You Profit, I Profit

  • I don’t care much about the new Family & Friends option.
  • I don’t multi-box (need to buy another PC for that)
  • I don’t have family or friends (that don’t already play)
  • I don’t want a new mount (OK, I do, but it’s the Gyrocopter)
  • I don’t want to support the RL Gold Sellers (Blizzard in this instance)

I don’t want to profit from other people’s profit!

Hang on… You profit, I profit. Win – Win?

Yeah OK… (more…)

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