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I mentioned back in my initial request Can you help Auctioneer, help you make money? that I thought they were asking for some assistance other than your lua files.

Well, I guess I am just a short ol’ Gnome, cause if I could reach the mouse, i would have scrolled down a little further in the post I quoted, and have seen the reference to this post/request.

[Sticky] Auctioneer Advanced 5.x (Beta-Builds) (more…)

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A bright future for Fire Mages?

Well all hope is not lost.. actually I never gave up hope, but I know a lot of folks have been planning to log on at 4am in the morning and respec from Fire to Frost or Arcane come WoLK.

No need my Firey friends…

This Blue Post found on MMO Champion’s Blue Post Watcher gives us something to hope for

Where are we headed with the fire tree?

Gnomer and Out!

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What No Warlock Twinking Post?

It’s in the works.. but I am really looking forward to your Warlock Twink battleground strats… I mean Destro Locks and Fire Mages have to share the love around right?

Anyway, on with today’s post…

When I blogged about my Hoarding Alliance character, I was asked where my Quest log screen shot came from.

The short answer was out of a website that specialises in WoW character “profiles”, in this case rpgOutfitter.

Since then it has occurred to me that it is probably worth discussing in more detail the various character profilers I have used, as well as asking you about those you recommend and why. (more…)

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