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Downtime: wonders never cease

I saw something strange and unusual this morning when I jumped on to do an AH scan.

I know what you are thinking… what’s so unusual about downtime or rolling restarts…. well nothing really.

What I noticed, for the 1st time ever, was this bit:

all Oceanic realms on Friday 1 at 5:00am AEST.

So what’s so unusual about this?

Usually Oceanic downtime is just US downtime – when things are quite in the US – which is prime time in Australia (and for other on Oceanic Realms).  You know, 1/2 way through that badge run and server shuts down.


  1. Oceanic Realms get a different restart time.
  2. It’s 5 am Australian time.. I think I am one of the few people awake and on our servers at that point.
  3. The time is list in AEST.. no converting from PDT!

Thanks Blizzard… this is very nice!

Gnomer and Out!

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“You have died”… “FLAME WREATH. DON’T MOVE”

Sound familiar, how about:
“You are dead”… “Murmur draws energy from the air”

Z: “You coming?”
H: “Yeah I am right behind you!”
Z: “No your not…”

The common denominator… LAG!
No, this isn’t a QQ post….

I know many people live with Lag, it’s just some people are “blessed” with more than their fair share of it. (more…)

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