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I think I’m scared

Larisa has written a great post about being an ex-Fire, now Arcane Mage

Zupa informs me he will be converting me to his Frosty ways in the comments to my Sunfire post. (more…)

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Enchant Weapon – Sunfire vs. Formula: Enchant Weapon – Major Spellpower

Man I am lucky. I got the Sunfire Enchant. I can’t wait to enchant my new dagger with +50 Spell damage!

But wait, what’s this? How much do the mats cost?!?! (more…)

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OMFG… It dropped!

OMFG… It dropped!

I am sure you have all had those moments, and I was reminded of of while writing my last kara post.

Like everyone, I have reservations about the RNG, but I must say, when the item finally drops, my body tingles with excitement, my jaw drops, I pull my headphones out of the PC jumping out of my chair in joy.

I feel sorry for that lucky bastard that got the Mongoose enchant on his 1st trip to Kara (ok, maybe not as sorry as I feel for those like me that never see it drop), because that crazy OMFG… it dropped feeling will be at least diluted, if not entirely absent. (more…)

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Forever a Noob

No, this isn’t actually a blog about the blog by the name “Forever a Noob“, however the title and content of this post is definitely inspired by the aforementioned blog’s title.

Get on with it Gnome, you are rambling…. actually delirious is probably a better word.

I was just thinking, while listening to the TwistedNether podcasts, about how I always assume that everyone knows so much more about the game than I do (OK, with the exception of the 9 million people that don’t read or intend to improve upon their abilities beyond the talent selection screen.. assuming they know it is even there).  Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to say I know it all… in fact, rather the opposite.

It occurs to me that the ones “holding”, or more importantly spreading the knowledge, are also the ones that are able to acknowledge that they have gaps in their knowledge, or… are Forever a noob. (more…)

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Pugged Kara’s like a box of chocolates….

Nightbane down!

I know I have whinged and whined about Kara pugs before, well, I guess not so much about the quality of the puggerswe pick up, although generally there is a big gap between the damage done by the regulars and that done by the puggers. 

My biggest issue has always been that, with one 5-6 hour shot per week at Kara, the LF1-2-3M from 8.30 – 10.30 can be a real drag.  Usually if we do fill the party it is with badge gatherers hoping for a 1-shot run of the place in 3 hours, or the dregs of toondom, because we are about to give up.

Well this Friday, it looked like our luck had changed.  (more…)

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Looking for Tool: Mage gear comparison spreadsheet.

I have used a heap of Mage “DPS” tools, some religiously, others I have dabbled with yet found a unusable for some reason or another (not necessarily due to wrong info, or difficult UI, rather because I am using it at work.. and ummm flashing WoW graphics is a give away). So in the end I knocked up a spreadsheet that did what I wanted.. well nearly – it ain’t pretty, and it probably isn’t all that accurate, but it gives me a close enough idea to choose between 2 (or 3 or 4) items to make up a set of gear that I am happy with.

So what I am wondering is, is there anyone out there with the skill and desire to take my concept and clean it up and make it really useful to me… and to anyone else out there that is interested. (more…)

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I am flat out at work, so I am going to throw a few things together quickly.

  • Last 5 hours in WoW comes full circle
  • Twister Nether
  • Oceanic Forums
  • WoLK Mage Talents and Skills
  • Bad Hunter, Bad…
  • Food for thought (well reagents anyway)
  • My Mage Sucks (more…)

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