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Damn, you know I can’t think of a good title for this post, so I guess thanks will have to do.

It just occurred to me that I have notched up a month of blogging. I know small fry, lots of people are blogging about their 1 year anniversary, or 100,000th visitor, or 1,000th post, but still my first blogging milestone.

If there was a way of doing a /played, I think that the blogging figure would already compete with my ingame WoW time… or so it feels (not in a bad way), but that could just be RL pressures sucking the rest of my time away.

So 40+ posts, 120+ comments (ok, 1/2 those are mine), and over 3,000 views (thanks to Friday), what do I think & how do I feel? (more…)

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Thanks for all the good wishes folks…

Here was the little man on the day (on the left):

and here’s an old one of him driving the computer…

Gnomer & Out!

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