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Thanks for the title inspiration Rhene!

Just a couple of things I have on my mind…

My New Pets

You know how I spoke of my new Turtle Pet, and my love for farm animals, well jagerbombz has offered up (unwittingly) a new pet for my farm… a Tauren!

So that’s a Sheep, Pig, Chicken, Turtle and now a cow.

Well it’s a post all about Gnome love, so I might as well throw back a bit of farm-animal loving….

The WoW Price is Right

If I was to ask you where you would put the price for the Tome of Polymorph: Turtle on a list representing your Auction House, where would it be… Page 200, page 10, Page 1? (more…)

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Ducking and Weaving – Fire #3

<< Ducking and Weaving – Fire #2

Geeezzz, all the mages are coming out to play… in an all start line up it’s Frost and Arcane mages against the Fire Mages… hang on that’s Fire Mage singular…

Where are all the Fire Mages?

As I said over at Automagica!

I actually had this vision last night, like in the movies, where the hero is standing in the smokey blasted out building, with hundreds of enemies rushing in at them.

Me (the hero of course…) firing of blasts left right and centre… everyone connecting for an instant death of course…
You guys (the nasty villains) coming in waves – and not one (or maybe the occasional one) of you blasts hitting me…

And then… < click >… < click >… uuuhhhh Ohhhh. /OOM

Then I wake momentarily, roll over and enter my fitful dreamstate again. (more…)

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Into TwistedNether?

Not Reading Frost is the New Black?

If for some reason you are reading my blog but NOT Krizzy’s, then get over there and have a look at the latest post.

Awesome idea’s there for TwistedNether Talents..

What are you waiting for?

Gnomer and Out!

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<< Part 2. Guiding your twink around the world.

OK, folks, the next installment in the “Twinking your level 19 Warlock” guides.

Not much point in holding your toon back to level 19 if you don’t have the gear to make the difference, so here is a list of potential twink gear.  It is listed (from memory) in a general best -> “worst” order, but you can make the final decisions on what you want your twink to wear.

This list gets two lives.

  1. Use it to outfit your twink.
  2. Use it to buy these items cheap off the Auction House and sell the items for a premium price.

With no further adieu: (more…)

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<back while I was originally writing this post>

Actually, I don’t have a picture of “this man”, but I do have a picture of the turtle.

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Aint gunna happen…

Breana raises this weeks BA Shared topic:

Recently, in BA chat, I spoke about my guild progress and how we killed Mags the week before. Then the conversation turned to getting the “Champion of the Naruu” title. Which got me thinking, I actually can do that quest and get that title! Something I thought I would never see, let alone attain, was now an achievable goal.

What about you? Think back.

What content or goals did you think you would never see, and what have you done? What has surprised you the most? Where do you see yourself in 6 months, after the launch of Lich?

Well I never thought I was going to play WoW, but I will get to that. (more…)

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Damn, you know I can’t think of a good title for this post, so I guess thanks will have to do.

It just occurred to me that I have notched up a month of blogging. I know small fry, lots of people are blogging about their 1 year anniversary, or 100,000th visitor, or 1,000th post, but still my first blogging milestone.

If there was a way of doing a /played, I think that the blogging figure would already compete with my ingame WoW time… or so it feels (not in a bad way), but that could just be RL pressures sucking the rest of my time away.

So 40+ posts, 120+ comments (ok, 1/2 those are mine), and over 3,000 views (thanks to Friday), what do I think & how do I feel? (more…)

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