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un-Conjured Items

Is it just this wee Gnome, or is there a ‘nasty’ bug at the moment that clears your conjured items when leaving instances (including death & Ghost run back)?

From memory this has happened to me in Gruul’s and MgT, maybe others as well, I don’t recall.  It’s not happening in BGs, where I have spent most of the last few weeks.

The problem.

You know, you finally get the group together and enter the instance… Buff up… Conjure a table… Grab your 80 croissants… Knock up your Mana Gems.. Ready to set the Instance on fire… (more…)

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Blog Day 3

Yep, it’s only day 3 and it looks like I am scratching for things to write about.  In reality, there are lots of things and it is more a case of prioritising them and doing them justice.

I know I mentioned I was a casual player, the the reality is this casualness is a time limitation more than anything.  My wife doesn’t like my Silicon Mistress much, so my time on-line (in any non-WoW-form) is really limited to work and as I sit next to the boss my writing  and researching time will be…. stilted.  so bear with me while I try to knock out a few small but regular posts on a myriad of topics.

Ummmm… Now to the real point of this post.  (more…)

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So season 4 is upon us… Yay!

This is great news for a raft of reasons:
1) If you are into Arena, then you can now work on your rating for the season 4 rewards.

2) If you are like me, and don’t do Arena (due to time, lack of team mates and gear), but you do enjoy the occasion Battleground, then there are a pile of new PvP/Arena rewards now available to purchase with Honor and Marks.  See WoWWiki’s rewards by Season.

3) If (also like me) you are an enchanter and/or enjoy the AH meta-game, hen your enchanting skills and supplies with pull a premium price. 
Q. Why?
A. See points 1 & 2.  New gear = new enchants = more enchant mats = profit.

My only regret… (more…)

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With my limited contiguous in-game time, I have found that the easiest/most efficient way for me to grind for mats & cash is to grind the Auction House (AH).

Probably 3 to 4 days a week, while doing household chores, I do a scan of the AH, the let Auctioneer’s bottom scanner call out to me (where ever I am in the house) when it finds a potential bargain.

Even though I have a fair grasp in the AH, I still have a lot to learn.  My cash on hand is rarely more than 5,000, with potential 5,000 of sales in my bags or on the AH.  Unfortunately I spend it as fast, if not faster than I pull it in (Mind you… what is the point of having more if it isn’t being used.. maybe 5,000 is the right balancing point).

Anyway, I will discuss mods & techniques in other posts, for now I want to point you to some resources I use. (more…)

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Extreme Casual Player View – Events

OK, so this is my first blog entry, first of many hopefully, and the thing that has greeted me this morning when looking at my RSS headlines is that the Midsummer Fire Festival is here, as covered in many sources (Blizzard , Matticus , WoWVault , Banana Shoulders, WoWInsider, /hug, Mania’s Arcania, Angry Bansidhe, Random Ravings, Kaliope’s Crafting Blog).

So what does this mean for someone like my extremely casual Gnome.  Not much really.. as I will really only be logging on this Friday night, there wont be any torch tossing or catch for me.  No sneaking into Horde cities to throw another shrimp on the bonfire.

Do I begrudge the fact that others are revelling while I hibernate.. NO!

But I am just a little bit envious…

Tell me.. do you induldge in all of the festival delights that you can devour (and remain upright), or do you stand at the side of the dancefloor grumbling about the lack of bodies for the serious work of empire (or toon) building?  Maybe you are just like me.. hibernating…

Gnomer and out!

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