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Life is Cheap #1

Gnomeaggedon’s 1st installment in half-baked PvP strategies and thoughts.

I sometimes think that PvP is the worst thing for my PvE “progression”.
– Not because of low Spell Hit gear
– Not because I forget to respec out of my PvP Spec

No the problem is I welcome death in PvP, I become a Suicide Mage… OK, maybe I want to live, but in BGs death can be a relief. (more…)

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un-Conjured Items

Is it just this wee Gnome, or is there a ‘nasty’ bug at the moment that clears your conjured items when leaving instances (including death & Ghost run back)?

From memory this has happened to me in Gruul’s and MgT, maybe others as well, I don’t recall.  It’s not happening in BGs, where I have spent most of the last few weeks.

The problem.

You know, you finally get the group together and enter the instance… Buff up… Conjure a table… Grab your 80 croissants… Knock up your Mana Gems.. Ready to set the Instance on fire… (more…)

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Blog Day 3

Yep, it’s only day 3 and it looks like I am scratching for things to write about.  In reality, there are lots of things and it is more a case of prioritising them and doing them justice.

I know I mentioned I was a casual player, the the reality is this casualness is a time limitation more than anything.  My wife doesn’t like my Silicon Mistress much, so my time on-line (in any non-WoW-form) is really limited to work and as I sit next to the boss my writing  and researching time will be…. stilted.  so bear with me while I try to knock out a few small but regular posts on a myriad of topics.

Ummmm… Now to the real point of this post.  (more…)

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