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Ducking and Weaving – Fire: final TBC

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So Larisa is OOM, last Arcane Blast thrown, bouncing about as only a Gnome can watching the pretty lights (scrolling combat text) that Arcane Explosion provides.

Yet, she is smelling something in the wind, is that sulphur, is that the smell of an incoming fire spec?

TBC talents come to an end tomorrow, one last chance to enjoy your old talent tree. Tomorrow brings a new day, WoLK trees and all the wonders or nerfs they can bring.

So the battle draws to an end, the time that a fire spec really shines, the last 20% of the fight us when a Fire Mage brings the numbers that the Frost and Arcane Mages were gloating about in the 1st 30 seconds of the fight. (more…)

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Ducking and Weaving – Fire #6

<< Ducking and Weaving – Fire #5

Ducking and Weaving – Fire #6


Let me say that again, Pyroblast!

OK, one more time with feeling, Pyroblast! (more…)

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Ducking and Weaving – Fire #3

<< Ducking and Weaving – Fire #2

Geeezzz, all the mages are coming out to play… in an all start line up it’s Frost and Arcane mages against the Fire Mages… hang on that’s Fire Mage singular…

Where are all the Fire Mages?

As I said over at Automagica!

I actually had this vision last night, like in the movies, where the hero is standing in the smokey blasted out building, with hundreds of enemies rushing in at them.

Me (the hero of course…) firing of blasts left right and centre… everyone connecting for an instant death of course…
You guys (the nasty villains) coming in waves – and not one (or maybe the occasional one) of you blasts hitting me…

And then… < click >… < click >… uuuhhhh Ohhhh. /OOM

Then I wake momentarily, roll over and enter my fitful dreamstate again. (more…)

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Into TwistedNether?

Not Reading Frost is the New Black?

If for some reason you are reading my blog but NOT Krizzy’s, then get over there and have a look at the latest post.

Awesome idea’s there for TwistedNether Talents..

What are you waiting for?

Gnomer and Out!

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Hi folks, it’s that time again… Blog Azeroth topic of the week “What you need to know about [insert class here], in my case, I will be telling you about things from the perspective of my little Fire Mage.

Crowd Control.

As a fire mage I only have a few tricks up my overly generous sleeves.

Frost Nova - I can trap quite a few mobs for 8 seconds.

Blasts enemies near the caster for 99 to 111 Frost damage and freezes them in place for up to 8 sec. Damage caused may interrupt the effect.

  • 1st thing to note, 8 seconds isn’t a hell of a long time, and I have probably pissed a few of them off as well.
  • 2nd thing, it is likely to break, releasing all the mobs if you get a lucky crit.
  • If I frost nova in the vicinity of shackles etc, I will break them… sorry we are working towards the same end, I am just trying to keep the healers alive for another 8 seconds… please reshackle, sheep etc.
  • Generally I am only dropping this to protect someone, probably the healers so:
  1. Healers, move away from the mobs melee attacks if they are still hitting you, they wont follow.. well immediately anyway.
  2. Everyone else, either focus on the original target, or give the tank, shacklers etc a chance to get their mob(s) back under control (more…)

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Ducking and Weaving – Fire #2


OK, I’m still nursing my wounds from Zupa‘s Ice Shards, sneaky frost wielding undead guy, jumping a tier… I didn’t see that coming!

So I am going to step back to full range, and start with Larisa‘s Arcance Subtlety.

To be honest with my 10/48/3 (or Arcane 10, Fire 48, Frost 3 who haven’t caught up with the shorthand) Classic Fire Raiding Spec I am done with Frost. There is another Fire Raiding Spec out there, commonly referred to as the Icy Veins Spec (2/48/11). The thing with this spec is it really doesn’t come into play until you are over 1,100 + damage. OK, so I am, but I’m old (ok maybe not that old), and have stuck with the Classic spec. Remember you can always compare standard Spec’s at Theorycraft-o-Matic by Lhivera.

However I am just beginning with Arcane. (more…)

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Ducking and Weaving – Fire #1

OK, So I foolishly threw down my fur lined silk gauntlets yesterday and suggested Zupa, Larisa and I should form a mystical triangle (no pentagrams for us) and cast talents at each other.

I must point out that this isn’t intended as an extreme theorycrafting shootout, rather a reflection of why we love our specs and hopefully a light hearted analysis, piece by piece of our talent trees. So, no need to worry Larisa.

Diversion into each other’s trees in attempt to fill out our specs is of course essential – Zupa has cast the 1st salvo by picking one of those essentials, Elemental Precision. (more…)

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I think I’m scared

Larisa has written a great post about being an ex-Fire, now Arcane Mage

Zupa informs me he will be converting me to his Frosty ways in the comments to my Sunfire post. (more…)

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Gnome Googles on: Talented

  • Play a hybrid and find yourself constantly need to respec?
  • Play a tank or healer and need to respec to grind?
  • PvE one moment, PvP the next?
  • Just experimenting?

Let’s face it, changing talent specs is a pain in the talent trainer Thinking & Clicking… Thinking & Clicking… damn wrong talent… unlearn, pay up the gold, start again… Thinking & Clicking…

So what if there was a way you could plan out your spec on your favorite talent calculator, import the spec into the game, save it for later use and then One-Click apply the spec while you run off and make that pot of coffee for the long night ahead? (more…)

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