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Post Curator Black Hole

I have discovered this black hole after the Curator in Kara, and I am wondering whether to report it to Blizzard.


  • Raid one-shots Curator.
  • Divides loots
  • Moves on to next trash.
  • Mmmm player X (and maybe Y) have disconnected.
  • Let’s give them 5 minutes
  • OK 5 minutes have passed, lets clear some more trash and give them another 5 minutes.
  • OK, let’s start LFM, but keep them in the raid until we do – because they might sort out their technical difficulties.
  • Mmm looks like the black hole has struck again! (more…)
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Pugged Kara’s like a box of chocolates….

Nightbane down!

I know I have whinged and whined about Kara pugs before, well, I guess not so much about the quality of the puggerswe pick up, although generally there is a big gap between the damage done by the regulars and that done by the puggers. 

My biggest issue has always been that, with one 5-6 hour shot per week at Kara, the LF1-2-3M from 8.30 – 10.30 can be a real drag.  Usually if we do fill the party it is with badge gatherers hoping for a 1-shot run of the place in 3 hours, or the dregs of toondom, because we are about to give up.

Well this Friday, it looked like our luck had changed.  (more…)

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Will dance for raid.

This post is a quicky… In response to Snake in the Grass’ post Let’s talk about the LFG system, pugging and sex baby.  I was going to write a comment, then realised how big the comment was becoming.

The more I blog, the more I see parallels with my situation.  I read on someone’s blog yesterday how much better they feel now that they realise that most of the bloggers out there aren’t high end raiders, rather people trying to pug their way through Kara, or daily their way through epic flying mounts. (more…)

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My Friday kara run…

Friday 4th started like so many others of recent times.  The core of my group online, and scratching ourheads as what to do.  We knew that we were missing one of our regulars, thus we were down to 6 bodies.  Was it worth trying to scratch together 4 puggers?  Were we better off heading our separate ways?  Was the Friday night “fun run” going to be full of the usual dramas and criticisms, that have been hitting us week after pugging week? (more…)

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Guild hopping & Gruul slaying

Hey folks,

Well tonight was a funny night, jumped on to cruise with my 6 friends through whatever comes (Kara or ZA), but we had lost one (new Dad) to other commitments, so without realising it, each of us headed off on different “quests”.

I was bumming about, when I got a pst from my old Guild leader (Malleo). Now if you were to check out my guild history, you would probably shy away from inviting me to your guild – especially my recent guild history. I think I have been in 3 or 4 different guilds in the last few weeks. But I guess I should put that in perspective… (more…)

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This happened a while back, but I thought I would share it anyway.  My group of 6 mates plus a few pugs were doing Kara as our usual Friday night entertainment, when we got to the Opera Event.

The perfromance scheduled for the night was Big Bad Wolf… no worries, done it a heap of times before, there are always a few casualties, but the wolf always meets his maker.

Run little Gnome, run…

So it begins, everyone is slicing, dicing and blasting the big furbal with teeth (or is that the furball with big teeth).  The fireballs had been brewing in me all night, and I was letting rip when I see flashing on the screen “YOU ARE RED RIDING HOOD” joined by the screams over TS of Run little Gnome, run…

That’s one of the reasons I hate this fight (more…)

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