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Beating the Battleground DC boss

Screw Alterac Valley with their faction leader bosses, they are Hogger to the new BG boss.

The DC boss.

He takes many forms, changing to meet the desire utmost of your heart.

  • Mage food – he looks like a Mage table.
  • Health stones – she looks like a Lock candy fountain
  • Buff food – he looks like the oh-so desirable fish feast, or great feast, in fact any feast that gets your characters mouth watering is the DC boss.
  • As for those noobs fighting for the flag in EotS when there are bases yet uncapped… Welcome to your greatest desire… THE DC BOSS!

If course if you do manage to grab the flag without meeting the DC boss, don’t take it to Fel Reaver Ruins, cause that’s bugged (won a few EotS this weekend while the Horde tried in a futile attempt to cap it there).

Of course your greatest desire when in a BG is recovering from a quick death, letting that spirit healer fill you full of health and mana so you can sacrifice your body and soul for the cause.

Deathwing’s minion, the spirit healer laughs upon you and you remain, Rez spawn after Rez spawn a helpless spirit.

Kind of makes it hard to bring your best to BGs, even if you are now fully geared in Wrathful.


Tell people not to summon the good stuff.

If they do, keep your mouse away from it.

The flag is a bugger, you just need to take your chances with that.

FFR – You do own more than one base don’t you?

Spirit non-Healer… Run away little Gnome! Then when out of Rez range, hit the big Return to Graveyard button… Works most of the time.

Getting Nasty

Of course, if you have a nasty streak, you can use this to your advantage.

I wouldn’t and haven’t, but I have heard of those nasty Horde leaving a feast at the flag, so people get two chances at disconnecting when trying for the flag… even running past if was enough.

Or if you can’t take all 4 bases in Eye of the Storm, why not leave Fel Reaver Ruins to your flag running opponents.

If they don’t DC when they try to pick it up, they have no where to plant it.

Of course it could all be fixed tonight…

I’m off to ride my new horse… maybe I’ll ride it in the BGs!

Gnomer and Out!

PS: Did you see the Raid from the Heart Video?

Last year’s Swingers soundtrack is one of my favorites.. this years another favorite, made all the better by the excessive presence of  a certain hyperactive Gnome that you all know, and hopefully love.

Now I just have to work out how to get 40mb of screenshots to BBB…

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Holy Dogdoddles Batman.

I was tired of having my arse handed to me on a plate over the last week in Battlegrounds…

Did you know you can purchase nearly all of the Wrathful PvP gear with honor alone?

Any gear that requires 1800 or less less than 2,000 rating can now be purchased with honor, no rating required (more…)

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I’m not a bot…

  • Just because I stand near a flag the whole battleground.
  • Just because I give Arcane Brilliance every few minutes.
  • Just because I chat in single abbreviations.

Right after purchasing my Arathi Basic mug the other day. In fact inspired by my purchase, I hit AB for a bit of fun.

We got off to a great start, in fact I had capped 3 bases before any had the chance to completely turn over.

Strange, I thought I already had that, but maybe it’s my lack of the achievement that speaks to my dedication for a team win over personal achievements.

  • Before I left LM, I checked for a guard. We had one, so I moved on.
  • Before I left Farm, I checked for a guard, we had several.
  • Before I left BS, I checked for a guard. There was none, so I stayed.

For the rest of the game I called troop movements and fought off attacks at BS. A couple of these I had to do alone, a couple the cavalry came to the rescue.

Whatever happened though, there was one thing you could be sure of, when everyone else had run off and the dust had settled, Gnomeaggedon would be guarding BS.

A bot might sit by a flag, but sitting by a flag does not make one automatically a bot!

I’m buffing your back!


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There goes the month’s budget

Did you see this?

Cynwise, who should need no introduction to my readers, but just in case, from Cynwise’s Battlefield Manual has “opened Cynwise’s Battlefield Store” with his topographical battleground maps. Clothes, bags, clocks, mugs… even baby clothes and bibs!

Who doesn’t want their newborn telling nubs to L2P!

Have a read of his post to see what words are delivered with your (go on, you know you want to!) goods. When you are at the store, you can click on the magnifying glass to get a good look at the designs.

Go spend money and send me an email if you need my postal address for gifts… kk?

PS: I know you are all shopping now to send me the perfect gift… but don’t send me the mug displayed above… that’s already on order.. which isn’t to say I have finished shopping you understand

Gnomer and Out Shopping!

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.


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There is no “I” in “PvP”

A long time ago, BBB got me a little… Umm pissed off isn’t the right term, because he didn’t piss me off, but he did say something that got me very annoyed.

Now this was in the midst of what is otherwise (as usual) a very good post about the pain of PvP achievements in a world filled with (differing sorts of) PvE.

What got to me (and this is a really bad paraphrase that will make BBB sound worse than he is) was the sentiments that:

  • PvE is for teams
  • PvP is for individuals
  • Teams of PvE players unite to defeat bosses.
  • Individuals go Chuck Norris to win PvP.

What about PvP (Player vs Player)? How is it any different?

In PvP, it’s all about personal excellence against other living, thinking, reacting and planning opponents.

Real people, fighting against each other and using every trick they can think of, all in a fluid combat environment that requires various Battlefield objectives be met for faction victory.

But whether or not your faction reigns supreme, the focus is entirely on personal accomplishments, on excellence in playing your own character as an individual.

The line may seem to get blurred a bit, because overall success or failure within the Battleground hinges on how many players to a side both kicked individual ass AND were able to work together towards these Battlefield objectives.

At the end of the battle, however, it’s not just win or lose for a side. No, in a PvP Battleground, there is a Leaderboard that pops up which breaks the results of the entire battle down into individual accomplishments.

The leaderboard does show information that relates to team play. Who captured or assaulted flags or towers, etc. But all of the information, including numbers of honorable kills, is clearly presented, by intentional design, to single out and recognize excellence in individual effort. To put things in a ”MVP” perspective.

edit: I need to point out that at the time of his post, he did clarify his position and it wasn’t what “I had read”.  Still BBB & I have a long and happy tradition of throwing things at each other and there was also a point to be made to a greater less informed audience.  Apologies to BBB for an anger directed at him.


Everyone KNOWS that PvE is about team cooperation.

Many people THINK that PvP is about 10,15,40,120 individuals doing their own thing.

I want this message to stop right now – this is the reason BGs turn to shit. New and even old players think that “going hero”, playing by themselves wins BGs.

  • Chuck Norris is a NOOB!
  • Being a hero loses BGs!
  • Being a hero loses PvE encounters too!


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I have touched on Battleground (BG) communications before. I would suggest it is hard to find any blogger talking about any BG strat with out mentioning communications.

The same goes with raiding of course, which is the reason Vent is often required.

The same goes with Arenas, silence is deadly.

Even PuG 5 mans benefit from communication. Sure you don’t need it so much these days, but it never hurts.

In an ideal world when you enter a BG you are in a premade using vent. Maybe you have the WoW BG voice option on, so at least you can quickly hear, maybe even respond to peoples observations.

Most BGs aren’t ideal of course. More likely than not you are there solo, playing for the team, but without communication you probably feel like an island.

Who likes to chat?

It might surprise you to know I talk a lot. In RL, in blog posts, in guild chat, trade chat, Vent and even (most importantly for this post) in BGs.


I don’t think most people are like me. I’m not sure why, maybe they are afraid to stick their heads out. Maybe the don’t talk much in RL either.

In BGs I think they are less likely to talk, rather fume in silence at the lack of support, the lack of direction.

So today I’m going to share a proven winning strategy for BGs, one that works in any BG, for anyone, for everyone. It will help to turn a rout into a victory and a victory into domination.

The strategy is.. (more…)

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Cynwise reminded me that Children’s week is coming next week… err tomorrow… for me. Not only that, but has provided an AWESOME guide for veterans and reluctant noobs alike in The School Of Hard Knocks.

Endario suggested I get my rant warmed up. It’s going to be a hell of a week in the Battlegrounds, whether you know them back to front, or only discover the BG interface tomorrow.

I will rant of course. I love to rant. My next achievement will score me the title

Gnomeaggedon the Mad Ranter

I’m also a little /silly.

So when I started thinking about this (and realized that I don’t have the achievement myself – two rants coming up) it occurred to me that having Orphans in the BGs could be a little fun, if we are proactive about it.

What is your 1st reaction when someone gets their Orphan on?

I bet it isn’t…

Ohh yay, noob PvE’rs hunting achievements in my BGs!

It’s more likely to be.. (more…)

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There are more than two things, but two things are enough.

For once I am not bitching and moaning about my team mates, no I am bitching and moaning about Wintergrasp mechanics and WoW.

  1. The picture above tells the story of my issue with WoW… I’ll come back to it, but meanwhile keep an eye on that picture.
  2. Wintergrasp group mechanics.
  1. Ok, quick check. Noticed any change in the picture? No, it’s OK, we will come back to it.
  2. Wintergrasp can handle two three 40 man raids worth of bodies – 80 of them for those of you as mathematically challenged as I normally am.

Entering as group

If you make the mistake of entering the WG battle while in a group, that is your group. You are not in either of the 40 man raid groups.

You do not:

  • Get raid buffs
  • Appear in healing frames
  • Share in the kills etc.

To get into the raid group, you need to (more…)

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That’s a loaded question, because it depends where you are.

A few people have told me to relax, that the whole new RandomBG thing will settle down and life in the Battlegrounds will rerun to some kind of normality.

I think it already is, but there is one thing I have noticed that is arse-about, and has been for a long time.

People fight for the flag in the wrong places and at the wrong time!

As a general rule, you fight for the flag:

  • Warsong Gulch: ALWAYS!
  • Eye of the Storm: sometimes, but only when appropriate.

What I have found though is the opposite is true.

In EotS, 7-10 people will spend the whole game trying to get the flag, regardless whether we still have a base.

As Cynwise joked (more…)

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Less casts, More talk

No, this isn’t an announcement for a new radio station playing the latest hits from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s with less ads, more music.

No more than 13 ads in a row!

This was an exercise born out of frustration. Actually to be honest I wasn’t that frustrated, but 5 losses in a row made me want to yell…

So I yelled!

In a nice way of course!

Before I begin, let me assure you Cynwise already knows I was playing BGs and I got what I think was a comment of approval…

Go to your room! NOW!

Aaawww Mum…

I had been in loses in AV, EotS, SotA, WSG and EotS once again.

I decided to give it one last shot. While the previous fights had been loses, it wasn’t for lack of trying. Some good battles were had and an appropriate level of:

L2P nub!

had been shared around

SotA popped one more time.

As soon as I zoned in, we were on offense, I started typing.. (more…)

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