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New use for combustion + scorch

Two Words:

Hot Streak

We ran Kara and ZA the other night, purely for the let’s do kara & ZA one more time (and while we are at it, grab the ZA Achievement).

Was I the king of DPS… hardly, things drop too fast for a Fireball to charge let alone land. (more…)

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Firestarter: Every Pyromaniac’s Dream

Firestarter: Every Pyromaniac’s Dream

That song gives me a rush, and so does the Firestarter talent.

It’s awesome! (more…)

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Wolk and EoD Fire Mage Specs

WoLK and Echoes of Doom Fire Mage Specs

I wish I could personally tell you the best way to go, but to be honest, I have just created a dinky spec to pass the time before my return from India.. Fundamentally I took all the talents that I thought might be a bit of fun for a change.

The biggest issue I have is remembering to use them!  My fingers are still straying to the same old buttons…

Living Bomb… I got it… remember to use it… lol yeah right…

Anyway, in lieu of any advice I can offer, which would probably be dodgy anyway, I will offer you a link.

I have seen this come up a few times on other blogs, so had a look myself, and the link below is directly to raid Fire Mage Raid specs… but you can change it to whatever you want.

basically what you are getting here is the popular choices… correct, maybe not, but if weight of numbers can be counted for anything, these are the best specs.

Gnomer and Out!

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It ends in 1337’ness

Well folks, I have loved our little battle of the Mages.

It all started with an offhand comment that I made.. and Gnome did the battle rage.

Fire vs. Arcane vs. Frost (and when the dead crawled back into his grave, a Gnome picked up the Popsicle).

It’s been a blast (in more ways than one), and it has given me great pleasure to see the Mage community and many more join in the joy that is a battle of pyrotechnics.

If you want a “real” analysis of Mage talents, both past and future, then Euripides at Critical QQ is doing an indepth series.. go check it out. (Fire and Arcane up now). (more…)

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Ducking and Weaving – Fire #6

<< Ducking and Weaving – Fire #5

Ducking and Weaving – Fire #6


Let me say that again, Pyroblast!

OK, one more time with feeling, Pyroblast! (more…)

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Ask da Nome a Kwestion

Yay!  My first email question!

This is from Matt:

I just started playing WOW a few months ago.

I rolled a Gnome mage (fire spec) immediately.  Honestly, I love it, but I am getting a little concerned about the supposed “nerfing” of mages and that it’s not getting any better in WOLK.

Currently my Gnome mage is level 62 and should be 70 soon.

Here’s my question:  is all the “hype” I hear about Warlocks getting more powerful and Mages getting more “nerfed” accurate?

I’ve started a gnome-warlock as a back-up, but prefer my mage.

Thanks for the great blog and any advice/suggestions.

So let’s take this step by step:

I just started playing WOW a few months ago.
I rolled a Gnome mage (fire spec) immediately.

Excellent choice on all 3 counts.  Gnome + Mage + Fire = Awesome! (more…)

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Subcreation back!

So just a little while back we hear Subcreation is gone.

Today while reading the post that I first head the news in Subcreation down, Alcaras pulled the plug I read a response from alcaras saying it’s back up again!

Mages rejoice!

Thank you alcaras!

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Well Alltop has already come through with a beauty for me.

I saw this topic from a couple in azeroth: Coolest. WoW Forum Post. Ever.

And I must say, that as a father of a little one, yes it is the coolest WoW Forum Post. Ever.

And it’s a Mage post to boot!

Here it is if you want to go straight there (it’s a long thread.. but the 1st post nails it):

Mage Guide to takng Down Beach Murlocs

Gnomer & Out!

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True Mage Confessions

True Mage Confessions

I think I need to pop over to Dwarf Priest and see if my confession will be taken. Inspired by True Priest Confessions (and I am going to pinch a couple)

Bless me Mother for I have sinned.
It has been 200 years since my last confession. (more…)

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Ducking and Weaving – Fire #5

<< Ducking and Weaving – Fire #4

Ducking and Weaving – Fire #5

Ohhh good try Larisa, you nearly had me hypnotized then with your bout of concentrating… Imagine a flighty Fire Mage like myself sucked into listening carefully to a hyper intelligent pigtail wearing smarty pants “school girl”.

Luckily for me, I have a bit of protection up my tree.  Sure you can burn points in Improved Arcane Missiles to prevent interruption (maybe there is nothing better to waste them on), and sure you can get some super quick Arcane Blasts out once you wind up – at an insane cost in Mana… but ohhh you spec’d for Mana.. what an intelligent thing to do!

And for all your talk of low threat Arcane talented spells, I think you forgot that us Fire Mages get to kill a couple of birds with one stone (Or was that Harpies with 2 talent points) (more…)

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