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Twinking your level 19 Warlock: Part 6. Heirloom items

<<  Part 5. Twink Spells

I know, I haven’t made any new additions in ages. But then I haven’t had chance to level to 80, let alone either play my baby lock, or review my guides for changes to spells and talents.

Until I get the chance, you folk will just have to work a few things out for yourselves.

BUT, if you have any feedback on the current accuracy of the guides, I would love to hear from you.

The one pressing addition to the guide from my perspective is the “new” Heirloom items. (more…)

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My 3 foot Gnome Mage can now stand tall

My 3 foot Gnome Mage can now stand tall


  • Burning Crusade has been around how long?
  • Gnomeaggedon has been level 70 for how long?
  • Wrath of the Lich King (and the “gear reset”) is how far away?

What did I pick up Tuesday night?

I guess I have been level 70 for around 18 months.. maybe a few months less, but I can’t be bothered counting. (more…)

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I asked your opinion on whether I should upgrade all my gems to Epic Gems in the post Should I save the cash, or blow the mobs away?

Well the poll results are in, and it looks like I am saving the cash for retirement, or WoLK, whichever comes 1st. (more…)

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So I had a quick play with Rawr the other day.

I am not 100% sure I like it, but it gave me another source of gear comparison.

I probably gimped it a fair bit by reducing my potential upgrades (fundamentally to zip, cause I am not doing any serious raiding), but my biggest problem was it came back with great options for both my Trash +damage set and my +Spell Hit set… issue is, it was saying use the same gear, just regemmed…  I don’t really want to create extra Spellstrike etc sets…

Anyway, the best way for me to upgrade my gear was quite simply to regem to Epic gems.

Sure no worries, so I just need 12 shiny new Epic gems at either 15 badges or 300 gold each.

I have decided against using the gems, as there are 2 badge upgrades I could get, so that comes down to cold hard cash.

Should I spend 3,600 gold regemming my gear?

I will let you decide… poll is over there >>

Gnomer and Out!

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<< Part 2. Guiding your twink around the world.

OK, folks, the next installment in the “Twinking your level 19 Warlock” guides.

Not much point in holding your toon back to level 19 if you don’t have the gear to make the difference, so here is a list of potential twink gear.  It is listed (from memory) in a general best -> “worst” order, but you can make the final decisions on what you want your twink to wear.

This list gets two lives.

  1. Use it to outfit your twink.
  2. Use it to buy these items cheap off the Auction House and sell the items for a premium price.

With no further adieu: (more…)

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Zupa reaching out from beyond the grave and across servers?

Something strange happened to me the other night while running Kara.

It was just before the Opera, as we were huddling under the stairs to find out what the night’s performance was going to be, when….  well you see if you can spot the difference…



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I’m a Hoarding Alliance.

No, I spelt it right, I hoard, not Horde.

I am not like some that hoard their 1st drop, or T1 gear (not that I ever got that), or collect pets (I do have my 1st mount and 1st non-combat pet etc).

No, that isn’t the sort of hoarding that is starting to bug me. I have enchanting mats, quest items, quests and “maybe-one-day gear”. (more…)

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Enchant Weapon – Sunfire vs. Formula: Enchant Weapon – Major Spellpower

Man I am lucky. I got the Sunfire Enchant. I can’t wait to enchant my new dagger with +50 Spell damage!

But wait, what’s this? How much do the mats cost?!?! (more…)

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OMFG… It dropped!

OMFG… It dropped!

I am sure you have all had those moments, and I was reminded of of while writing my last kara post.

Like everyone, I have reservations about the RNG, but I must say, when the item finally drops, my body tingles with excitement, my jaw drops, I pull my headphones out of the PC jumping out of my chair in joy.

I feel sorry for that lucky bastard that got the Mongoose enchant on his 1st trip to Kara (ok, maybe not as sorry as I feel for those like me that never see it drop), because that crazy OMFG… it dropped feeling will be at least diluted, if not entirely absent. (more…)

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Forever a Noob

No, this isn’t actually a blog about the blog by the name “Forever a Noob“, however the title and content of this post is definitely inspired by the aforementioned blog’s title.

Get on with it Gnome, you are rambling…. actually delirious is probably a better word.

I was just thinking, while listening to the TwistedNether podcasts, about how I always assume that everyone knows so much more about the game than I do (OK, with the exception of the 9 million people that don’t read or intend to improve upon their abilities beyond the talent selection screen.. assuming they know it is even there).  Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to say I know it all… in fact, rather the opposite.

It occurs to me that the ones “holding”, or more importantly spreading the knowledge, are also the ones that are able to acknowledge that they have gaps in their knowledge, or… are Forever a noob. (more…)

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