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Today the meaning of life, the universe, everything =



Yep, it’s my 42nd birthday, as much as I might to deny it, and as much as many people look surprised to discover I am that old. (but they say you are only as old as the woman you feel… So that’s only 29).

Funnily enough I don’t feel 42, even stranger is the fact that I think I have been 42 for the last 12 months. Every time someone has asked over the last 12 months I have either said “nearly 42″ or just straight out “42”, I don’t know why…

Odin commissioned (from Mum) a crayon picture of him in blue shoes and gloves with Dad in red shoes, as well as Mum… Cooking. I think the 2nd is a worry. Maybe it’s time I learnt to cook something other than bacon. (more…)

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Or the “weekend” that was.

Who’s that under those bushes?

I was caught out by Ragnarogue, sprung royally, four fingered hands hands in the chocolate achievement pot.

Yes, after swearing black, blue and green that I wouldn’t participate in NobleGarden.


After composing an “I won’t use Polymorph: Rabbit spell” macro, I snuck off Wednesday night and submitted my beautiful Gnomely body to the rabbit transformation and grovelled around under bushes hunting for eggs.


  • I blame it on Nib(uca) for introducing the Mage patch notes section to TNB (don’t worry, won’t be any Mage news this week…)
  • I blame it on Twitterfolk for talking about Cadbury chocolate eggs.
  • I blame it on my (non-WoW playing) mate from Sydney that drove to Melbourne to celebrate my birthday on my singular weekly WoW Friday night.
  • I blame it on my pathetic weak willed red haired blog writing avatar.


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help-requiredThis is a guide for two groups of people, and you may fit into both groups.

  1. Players from Oceanic, or high latency servers, and
  2. Players that find themselves twitch deficient.

There are plenty of great guides out there on the blogs, much better than this one, but if you are struggling, then maybe this will help.

I will get to the strategy, but first some background rambling.

I have been playing WoW for a fair while, from before the Oceanic servers came into existence.

I play on PvE servers for a very good reason:


Err I mean latency.

Old Skool Latency

Back when I first started, on an US server, PvP and dueling went a little like this (more…)

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I Pity the Love Fool


I give up, well I gave up anyway.

Love is in the air was my breaking point, but I have felt similar levels of frustration with other events.


I pity the no-love fool

Events such as this can only be completed and the final achievement gained if you:

  • Are desperate and Dateless
  • Are married in-game
  • You can drop by the PC at the very least every hour on the hour (which ignores the additional 20 minutes each hour required to hit up NPCs)

If you are married in real life (or the equivalent), you are screwed. While in RL this may be a good thing, in-WoW, this is a bad thing.


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Dear Gnome


Imanunlovedgnome writes:

Dear Gnomeaggedon,
Being a 3 foot chubby pallid bald Gnome I have problems getting deep and meaningful relationships with those of the opposite sex.

Even when I dress in my best raiding gear the girls look right over my head, even the short ones.


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A Very Gnomie Christmas from the land of Fireballs

Hey Folks,

I am definitely AFK, in India, but that wont stop me wishing you all a very Gnomie Christmas.

Here’s wishing you all the very best for events inside the game and out!

Have a shot of Gnomish cheer for me, and I will think of you!

Gnomer and Out!

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Hallowed be my Gnome


Hallowed be my Gnome

Only 2 days of work left (or 1 depending on when you read this) and as we finalize our travel arrangements (booking Kerala for Xmas and New Year) I thought I would jump on and do a last look at my toons.

THD reminded me that 3.0.3 was out (shows you how much attention I am paying to WoW), so I was very excited to log in and confirm that Hallowed be my Gnome.

Not only hallowed, but apparently I have gained a mate, a shadow. (more…)

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The race that stops the nation

The Melbourne Cup is tomorrow. Known as the race that stops the. Nation, it at the very least stops Melbourne (public holiday), but most people around Australia stop for the 3 minutes it takes the horses to run the course.

If I wasn’t so busy with travel preparations right now, I would organize an ingame event, similar to the running of the Gnomes where everyone drops down to the Shmmering Flats Mirage Raceway and run a few laps.

Of course to be authentic there would need to be masses of toons in tuxedos and ball gowns in the “car park” downing brews until they chunder.

So if you are online tomorrow, and feel the urge, organize an Azeroth Cup and tell me the results. (more…)

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I’m glad Blizz intends to take the Mask for all occasions achievement out of the Hallowed Be Thy Name title achievement.

Gnomer has it all, except the masks.

The masks, even my otherwise unplayed alts have scored more masks and wands than Gnomer.

Stupid Candy!

Gnomer and Out!

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Happy Diwali!

Happy Diwali to my Indian readers.

That’s it, short but very sweet…. mmmm Indian sweets… Mmmmm

Gnomer and Out!

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