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Oztraylian bloghers?


Australian (Oceanic) Blogger?

Are you an Australian (or even Kiwi), or Oceanic server WoW blogger?

I have decided to add a section in my blog roll just for us.

I know I have captured a few of you, but I am sure there are many more.

So if you meet the above criteria, drop me a line and I will add you.

Aman’Thul Player?

On a side note.. if you are a player on Aman’Thul (Alliance side), especially if you are a blogger to boot, drop me a line either via the ContactGnome link, or in-game… Love to hear from you, even if it’s just a passing Hi/Bye.

Once Were WoW Bloggers

I have also set up a Once Were WoW Bloggers category in my blog roll to cover old friends that no longer Blog about WoW, but reveal that it was the writer rather than the content that was important…  If you know of more, please recommend them!

Gnomer and out!
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Positively Wonderful

This is one of those nasty chain letters that started over at Rick’s place with Positively Wonderful headed over to Larisa’s place with Positively Wonderful and will probably come to a screaming halt right here unless one of my runner up’s takes up the challenge, or my Positively Wonderful blogger changes her tune and returns to the blogsphere.


Link one blog that has had a positive influence on your life, blogging or game. Write what the positive effect was and hope it gets passed on.

The lovely Larisa had these awesome things to say about me

But expected or not, this needs to be said: Gnomeaggedon, you are by far the most persistent, loving, cheerful and caring supporter I have in the Blogosphere. From the first day you made your blog you gave the PPI a special “recommended link” spot. You constantly link to me whenever you can. In September you even wrote a special tribute post, highlighting some of my older posts, just to make sure that new readers didn’t miss them. You silly old gnome! I don’t really know what strange spell you’re under, but to be honest, if it wasn’t for all the love you’ve gave me during the passed year, I’m not sure I’d still be blogging.

And apart from that you’re running a wonderful blog of your own. You show me and everyone else that it’s perfectly doable to have tons of fun in the game even if real life and time restrictions prevent you from raiding. It’s all up us how we choose to see the game – as a boring grind or as a wonderful, sparkling adventure. You manage to find the adventure and a humoristic perspective in places where no one else bothered to look. Your blog sparkles more than any quest item in Azeroth.

You are Positively Wonderful!

I wish more people would say this to me… I really do, but I don’t know if I am deserving of it… still I was always told not to rebuff a compliment, so I am going to take it and add it to my list of blogging achievements (more…)

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/Cry /Bye Braids

/Cry /Bye Braids

I am very sad right this very minute.

One of my favorite bloggers has just announced that she is packing her bags, kicking out the tenants and folding her blog.

Megan, for a non-Mage blog you were my favorite.

Damn it, and I have a post nearly complete, just for you….

I knew I should have finished and posted it…

Thank you for filling my blog reading day with joy!

All the best with your new ventures!

Gnomer and sadly Out! (more…)

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Children’s Week Quest Guide

Children’s Week Quest Guide

There is only one quest worth mentioning…


Head over to The Hunting Lodge, and help Brigwyn out with Children’s Week Child’s Play Charity Auction, there is a little bit more information in the update.

It’s all to help Child’s Play


Let’s face it… we are all children, and we love to play… but you can make a difference here, so go on, put your questing boots on and go lend a hand!

Blog Scrappers, please feel free to steal this post and distribute it widely…  I mean it’s a quest guide right… you love to take them.. take it, spread the word! (more…)

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This is really just for one person

This is really just for one person… Syrana.

She seems to have taken a strange liking to naked Gnomes…

So what could be better than one naked Gnomeaggedon?


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I don’t know about you, but I have always liked the idea that I could work an 8 hour day, but if I finish my work in 6 hours, I could just go home.

Unfortunately I am not in that position in my real life… but could I be in that position in my blog life?

You see this post is post 365 366!

So I have written and posted (yeah, 365 366 doesn’t include the drafts and abandoned posts) a leap year’s worth of material in 285 days… actually, if you only consider my time in front of the PC, that’s 365 366 posts in 232 days (I was in India for a couple of months) (more…)

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Spring Cleaning…

Spring Autumn Cleaning has occurred on my blogroll

I haven’t deleted too many, just those that really really have gone… without a forwarding address.

If your WoW blog is missing, drop me a ling via Contact Gnome above.

It was interesting to note how many of last year’s prolific blogs have gone stale.. strangely around the release of WoLK.

I am leaving them… I have seen one resurrection this week, there may be more.

Gnomer and Out!

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Claytons Post #11

Claytons Post #11

A Clayton’s Post (The post you have when you aren’t having a post).

A few things I have come across of have been notified of in the last week or so…



Pretty topical in the WoW Blogsphere right now with BRK’s departure, is how to find balance with your WoW life.

Have a look, read, learn, re-balance, Profit! (more…)

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Any comment is a good comment?

TyphoonAndrew had a post the other day about comments.

Basically he doesn’t want stupid comments. If you don’t have anything useful to say, then put the keyboard away.

If you want to read the short version of this post, just check out his comments.

So this post is primarily directed at Bloggers, but I am interested in the views of non-Blogging readers as well.

I have this problem.

When I read a great blog post (or even guide), and I have absolutely nothing worthwhile to add to the discussion, I never know whether to comment.

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Have I raised the dead? Zupa!

It would appear that the incoming Mage Healing Tree (cough… cough…) has some sort of Resurrection powers as well.

I guess it only makes sense that as we are in the era of the Lich King.

Blah, Blah, Blah, Gnomeaggedon, what are you on about?

In an afternoon seance, it would appear I have raised the spirit of…


He has spoken from the grave (which admittedly is the place he calls home) (more…)

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