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  • Let’s celebrate Rhii’s second 80
  • Let’s celebrate Saresa’s psycho Tree healing site.
  • Let’s celebrate Almaster, because he’s there, he’s a Pally and he’s tagged me too
  • Let’s celebrate Mages across Azeroth that have put down their fireballs, arcane blasts and deepfreeze for a little healing love.

I have been tagged by Rhii, Saresa and Almaster, two of whom like me, are DPS gone to the light side. I had seen this meme floating around, but haven’t had the chance to peruse it in any of posts properly.

Rhii gives a breakdown on where it has all come from:

I decided to steal the most excellent Miss Medicina’s non-meme questionnaire. Which I also read about on Tamarind, Oriniwen, and Kyrilean’s blogs. Since I’ve been a healer for such a short time, nobody’s likely to tag me so I tag me! Besides, it’s not a meme, I don’t need to be tagged to play. YAY! So here goes.

What is the name, class, and spec of your primary healer?

Gnomeaggedon, Gnome Frostfire Mage (more…)

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200,000 people approve of this post

Well, they approve of the previous 552 posts anyway…


Yep, 200,000 views… nice one folks… keep on reading…

Australian Made Mage

Ohh speaking of silly numbers… (more…)

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Somebody, Somewhere, Said Something about me…..  Scarlet Torturers and of course, character portraits…

Yes, yes there was a minor detail about it being a video… but…

If you scroll up and down the page real fast, it will kind of be like a video, the worst video you have ever seen mind you… but… whatever…

Gnomeaggedon has been patrolling the streets of Ironforge, hanging out at the bridge spruking his wares (and you can see all of them hanging out), generally making sure that everyone in Aman’Thul knows that Gnomeaggedon is on a Nekkid protest until he receives the goods in the mail.


Bareback gets a new meaning

He did finally jump on a bird and head to the Monastery. (more…)

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Groovy Gnew Gnomeaggedon

Nothing has changed here at the Home of the Gnome.

If you are viewing this via a blog-standard web browser you wont notice anything different.

However, if you are, like me, the proud owner of an iPhone or similar web enabled phone, gnomeaggeon.net will have a brand new look! (more…)

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Cranky Old Gnome

I can be a bit of a cranky old Gnome at times,  as much as Larisa likes to tell me I have a rosy disposition.

But there’s one thing I know I love…


I love Larisa, Krizzlybear, Nibuca just to name a few

I love to toot the Gnomes horn, make sure that the message gets across that we are a much bigger force to be reckoned with than our 3 foot stature might suggest. (more…)

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Azeroth United

Azeroth United

  • Like WoW?
  • Like WoW Blogs
  • Like WoW Podcasts
  • Like WoW Resource sites
  • Like WoW Machinma
  • Like WoW Progressive guilds

Do you not just like them, but are a part of them?

Whether you are a voyeur or a creator, there is a new community growing.

Azeroth United


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500 Posts, 3,000 comments, 10,158 spam

blog stats

Hegemon just made the 3,000th comment here at Armaggedon’s coming…

What’s more, me telling you this, makes this post (more…)

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Hands up if you’ve ever been oneshot!

Come on, admit it…

I expect every reader’s (except Jong of course, he does the one-shotting in this game) hand should be in the air right now.

You, yes you! I don’t care if your boss is in the same room as you, put your hand up.

No! Not a half arsed hand at shoulder height acknowledgment, I want you to put your hands in the air and wave them like you just don’t care!

Ok, next question…

Who likes being oneshot? (more…)

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I don’t know if they are as common in your part of the world as they are here in Australia, but we have this phenomena called comeback tours. Some bands specifically have last shows and break up purely to have comeback tours.

There is one guy, John Farnham, that is the master of this art. Even though 80% of Australians say “thank god and good riddance” everytime he has a farewell tour, he’s back a year or two later.

That said, there are some comebacks I crave. Sex Pistols was one such tour, and if I didn’t get so drunk and fall asleep, I might have enjoyed the failfest it was.

There is one (ok two) blogger comeback tours I would love to see… She of too little mana, Megan (more…)

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Actually, I wonder if Blizzard reads any blogs.

I have to assume they do, I mean we are normal people with normal lives whose only investment is that we like to play the game.

I would expect at at least some of the hundreds, or is it thousands of Blizzard employees read more than the company policy manuals.

I wonder how I would react, and how long it would take me to recover if Ghost Crawler made a blue post on my blog (more…)

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