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Gone but not forgotten

In the last week or so we have seen a few Bloggers hang up their keyboards Pike, Drug, Jong and I suspect Megan by association (she did give notice a while back… But looks like she is leaving us on a cliff hanger) and a few more.

(Although there is one Locktess with the Mostess that wont stay down…)

It is hard to take the blogger disappearances especially if you are a loyal fanboy errr reader like me.

The 1st time Megan threw in the blogging towel I was devastated. I spent that day in a complete daze and the next couple scratching my head.

I embarked on campaigns to bring her back… I did the same with Jong later.

In hindsight I realize how selfish I was… Still am for that matter. These wonderful people, wonderful writers gave a piece of themselves regularly, if not daily, then closed the door (more…)

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Reindeer Droppings

I mentioned the other day that Gnomeaggedon’s Reindeer had been leaving it’s mark around the WoW Blogsphere… so here’s an update…

Frost is the New Black

What Frost Means To Me… [by Gnomer!]

Pink Pigtail Inn

This Rounds on Me!


A Guest Post: Gnomeaggedon’s “I Smell Xmas Panties”

For the Horde

O Hai Thrall

That’s it for now.

Until I get moved into the new place I will be AFB (Away from Blog), but all being well I will be back Monday my time…

Ohh final note, thanks to those that have let me share my thoughts on their blog.

Thanks also to Krizzlybear and Sylus for doing guest posts here at the home of the Gnome.

If I don’t get to you before, Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year (with no offense intended to others of other faiths, but this is the season to be Santa),

Gnomer and Out, Squidly and Stout!


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Hey folks, just a quick follow up.

I know a few of you decided to try living with out you word verification.  Some of you appropriately took my request as a demand (or was it the other way around), others have just tried it out.

Nibuca (She’s been getting heaps of mentions lately), sent the post out on a #tntcast, which I guess means there is a chance she will raise it on TNB this week.

The other thing she has been doing is giving daily updates on the change in her spam levels (more…)

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Dear Bloggers

This is a request to bloggers in general, but specifically for those of you on Blogspot.

Get rid of word verification!

I guess it makes you feel safer, maybe a little less bothered by spam.

I wonder if it bothers you that you get less comments?

It certainly bothers me that I leave less comments, that you make it more difficult for me to leave comments.

I always found it a pain after crafting my comment (actually before I even leave my comment it’s such a pain to have to go to a new page… But that’s your blogging platform of choice… Your choice), that either I mistype the word verification or it times out.

Instead of me leaving a comment and walking away with a smile, I grunt, die a little inside and have another go. All being well I haven’t flicked to another page and forgotten the unposted comment (more…)

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Cos I’m
T.N.B. – I’m Dynamite
T.N.B. – And I’ll win the fight
T.N.B. – I’m a power-load
T.N.B. – Watch me Explode
OK, Maybe I should leave that stuff for Megan
It’s up for your listening pleasure!
But make sure you see the youtube videos to get you in the mood 1st

Holy Worg Poo BatGnome!

Jong bubbled and hearthed his way through Twisted Nether Blogcast last week (of course he didn’t run in fear).

Which leaves this hot little Gnome the opportunity to port into his still warm seat…

I hope I don’t get pregnant… I have heard of people getting pregnant from sharing seats…

What?  Boys don’t get pregnant?  Tell that to Arnie!

Yep, the big balls of fire will be thrown, the totems dropped and an unstoppable stream of inane Dad jokes will spew forth from my lips (more…)

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Resto Shaman, Where For Art Thou?

The question was asked on Twisted Nether Blogcast the other day

Where are the Resto Shaman Blogs?

Ok, that wasn’t the question, but for once I was “there” so I am just quoting based on my short term memory.

My immediate response was to reel of a series of blogs that deal to some extent or another with Resto Shaman.

You can find them on my ReadByGnome page as well as listed out below, but still it raised an interesting thought.

  • Priest blogs… Dime a dozen
  • Tree Blogs… Just waiting for the forest fire to thin them out…
  • Pally Blogs… Boring… Well how much can you write about one, maybe two healing spells.
  • Resto Shamanism seems to be one of those areas that suffer as much burnout as altaholics grinding Argent Crusade rep (more…)

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Now We’re Talking: DPS

Now we’re talking!

I am being appreciated for what I am, who I am… DPS!

Sure it took a Shadow Priest to acknowldge me, but Gnomeaggedon has a lot to say on this subject, so thanks for the invite Cassandri, let me begin.

Whoah there little Gnome! What make you think Cass was talking about you?

Ummm Mage = DPS in it’s purest sense, so of course she is talking about me.

Pffft you think you can heal, but I can’t DPS? Step aside little Gnome before a cloven hoof tattoos your bald spot!

Cassandri brings us up to speed (more…)

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This is a post in many parts, most of them not mine, but let me get straight to the cookies and cocoa, because I know you want to comment but the blog police (as opposed to the Blizzard police) are bringing you down man.

Aunty TJ mentioned a little Firefox Plugin…


You back yet?

Got it installed?

Good back on track.. (more…)

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Two Things…

Number 1: Hearts, Hands & Voices

Number 2: World of Warcraft Raid for the Cure!

I’m going to try and be there… but I can’t represent as Gnomeaggedon!  Someone already has that name… So I will be there as Squidly’s Mate.

Gnomer and Out!


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The Goddess arrives

The Goddess arrived on the physical plane and chose a suitable body to inhabit.

Maybe a little on the short side, but possessing the required hairstyle and devilish powers.

She set of in search of the one she had come for, across the snow and ice of Dun Morogh.

Little did she know that it was unusal for the one she searched for to be present at this time of the day.

He prepared for battle.

Unusually for him he rose early.  Not tied down to the normal daily chores, he donned his armor in preparation for a new day (more…)

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