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Another one of those, “I did this, I got that posts”, but my screenshot trigger finger is itchy, and I will be buggered if I aren’t going to torture you with my “holiday slideshow”.

So pull up a pew, prop your head at just the right angle to convince me you are still awake, and let those “sleep nods” acknowledge your appreciation for my awesomeness!

I know it’s a small thing, but I just love the way people are knocking up campfires around Dalaran while doing their cooking dailies… it makes it so much more convenient than heading back to the inn to cook up the latest dish before doing the delivery boy thing.
Latest in the range of Mage disguises is the Cute Dead Chick disguise. (more…)

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I noticed some yellow [FredDagg has achieved x Achievement] this morning.

Normally I wouldn’t pay any attention to it… I mean I am so busy watching my achievements scroll by, I don’t have time to “Gratz” anyone else… but this one caught my eye…


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Dailies are the Raw Prawn…


…and I say:

Don’t come the raw prawn with me mate!

Maybe I have just eaten a batch of Bad Clams, but I am very, very sick of dailies.

Bad Clams make you angry. (more…)

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If you haven’t already gained this achievement it probably sounds difficult.

Slay, Slaughter, Kill, Butcher (you choose the word) 15 Turkeys in a short period of time.

He’ll, you may not have even seen 15 Turkeys in your time in Northrend.

Unless of course you have been questing in the Howling Fjords.


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Joining the Dots (take 2)

Joining the Dots: my love for ? and !

Larisa wrote a fantastic post (as usual) the other day about those ? and ! and how they have shrunk her world, and playing experience.

After reading through it, I found I didn’t agree, I said as much in her comments, but felt I needed to reveal the truth to you all.

You see, those poor ? and ! are sitting targets, easy to see and easy to blame for not experiencing the whole World of Warcraft Experience.  In fact, if anything I have found recently that they are the opposite, not restrictors, rather keys to open the doors of Warcraft.

How can this be? (more…)

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Loved by Gnomes

Well, I can finally get back to the grind to 80!

Since the Achievements went in (well before actually, but I just needed a motivator), I have wanted to be loved by Gnomes World wide.  But the Gnomes are a difficult bunch to please.

  • Dwarves… easy, way too easy considering their dour demeanor.
  • Draenei (The Exiled Ones – Oi!, get your hands of that title.. that’s the Gnomes!) .. Easy, I guess because they were so late on the scene they are happy to have any friends at all.
  • Night Elves… they throw their reputation to the wind… seems they are like Druids in general and like it when you go killing (diseased) trees… and reward for it!
  • Humans… Pretty easy too, but I must admit I left them hanging on.
  • But Gnomes… geeez, Exiles alright! Spread across the world in some of the remotest of places, refusing to be anyone’s friend easily!

But… but… but… I finally won them over.



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One of the easier PvP achievements is Duel-icious.  All you have to do is win a duel.

Easy, especially of you rig it!

So I put out the call and Tree Hugged Dave and a Priest mate signed up to roll over.

Once they arrived and we exited Ironforge (can’t duel inside?), I buffed THD (cause I am a nice Gnome). He buffed, himself and we went at it.

Hang ok, he’s fighting back! That’s not I’m the job description, he’s meant to just stand there and take it like the Night Elf he is! (more…)

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Another blogger mentioned one of the bonuses of the new achievement system is you clearly get to see what of the old content you missed.

Which zones have you completely cleared of quests, completely discovered? How many recipes do you know, or more importantly, not know?

I discovered some interesting stuff regarding zones.


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Blog Achievements

Krizzlybear came up with some Podcasting talent suggestions when TwistedNether hit level 10.

Larisa hit 200 posts the other day but wasn’t sure whether it was worth mentioning.

Well I hit a few blog achievements over the weekend that I thought I would share.

Now I admit that these achievements have as much importance as in game WoW achievements, not much. They are really just acknowledgments of milestones, so I am not going to get any über loot, or a new title, but they will be on my permanent record.

200 posts (well 205 now)
See Larisa, I told you I would catch/overtake you! (more…)

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You win some, you lose some, but what’s going on with achievements?

I wonder if Blizz is yet to tweak the achievement scoreboard, I hope so.

You see I noticed a few incongruities.

I have done 2 Northrend instances – I don’t think so!

Officially I have not completed any of the outlands instances, let alone the number of Old World instances I officially haven’t completed.

I know, it was hard for Blizz to work it out, I mean what proof do they have that you have completed the instances? (more…)

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