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Stroke It!

1st stroke is free 2nd stroke requires a donation! http://mobro.co/Gnomeaggedon Last chance for Movember donations! Thanks to all of you, including WoWInsider, for your support and kind wishes for Movember. Don’t stop sharing just because the Mo’s are going away for another year Mo’mer and Out! My MoGnovemberaggedon… Shave and a Haircut: Movember Just in […]

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10:15 on a Tuesday night

Bah Regular Scheduled Maintenance. Sorry… Irregular Scheduled Maintenance Well, it’s scheduled, we just didn’t mention it on the logon screen… just in the forums you never visit and the Twitter feed that scrolls faster than you can read. Oh well… Irregular Scheduled post it is then… WHY DO PEOPLE NOT ATTEMPT THE OBJECTIVE IN BATTLEGROUNDS?!?! […]

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One Mo’ Time…

Miss me? I’ve missed you! Unfortunately time is still not on my side, so no super dooper posts from me. Still, I am squeezing out a little time to remind you of something. I’M ALIVE! And that, as I described to you in gory detail this time last year, is due in a large part […]

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I started Saturday as the most hugged blogger of 2010 and ended the day as the blogger most in need of hugs 2011. No, don’t panic, I’m fine, happy and healthy, if a little tired. This is a story of support during depression with a little WoW twist thrown in. As you may be aware […]

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No Cataclysm for me

I guess by now many of you are in a Cataclysm frenzy. I wish I could say the same… unfortunately, the store where I pre-purchased my copy closes at 6pm… and it wasn’t allowed to be released until 7pm. I might have hung around a couple of hours after work to pick it up… but […]

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Gotcha you mongrel!

11th hour maybe…

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Gnome Bait

I mentioned the other day about sacrificing a Gnome for the success of a raid, but I’m also a great believer in sacrificing a Gnome to win a BG. I’m not talking about a pointless waste of life, of charging into an impossible fight throwing a life to the wind, I’m talking about a calculated […]

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Putting the Aggro in Mage since 2004 Our Lich King attempts continue, some better, some worse. I think the mistake we made last night was that we didn’t sacrifice a Gnome to the gods early in each attempt, as I think we did better the previous night. I have to say, I have missed the […]

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A dead Gnome is better than none…

So the guys in Streakèrs needed a little distraction for the Lich King. I fit that description. Too well. I’m kind of Valkyrie bait

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Livingbomb is a STD

My first appreciation of the power of STDs in WoW came from one of those (supposedly) hated sources. In fact it caused me to subscribe to a blog that really I have little to nothing in common with, yet still read and joust with on a frequent basis. Killing ’em Slowly was the blog and […]

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