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Or Dwarves, Elves, Space goats, Trolls, Taurens etc…

Generally I don’t mind the lack or shortage of mob models in the game, but I must admit I mind this.

So I get Zombified, cool, I am all for a bit of bone munching and infecting.

But why do I have to be a “human” Zombie (ok, so TV will do that to some humans).

Why can’t I be a Gnome Zombie. 2.5 feet of putrefying flesh bearing do on you may seem to be a joke until you realize you have an infected kneecap.

Come On Blizz, put the bite back into Gnomes!

Gnomer and Out!

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Are we having fun yet?

Hi Folks,

No this isn’t about the quest: Are we there yeti?, rather just wondering how people are feeling post-patch Echoes of Doom (EoD).

Gnomer and Out!

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Wolk and EoD Fire Mage Specs

WoLK and Echoes of Doom Fire Mage Specs

I wish I could personally tell you the best way to go, but to be honest, I have just created a dinky spec to pass the time before my return from India.. Fundamentally I took all the talents that I thought might be a bit of fun for a change.

The biggest issue I have is remembering to use them!  My fingers are still straying to the same old buttons…

Living Bomb… I got it… remember to use it… lol yeah right…

Anyway, in lieu of any advice I can offer, which would probably be dodgy anyway, I will offer you a link.

I have seen this come up a few times on other blogs, so had a look myself, and the link below is directly to raid Fire Mage Raid specs… but you can change it to whatever you want.

basically what you are getting here is the popular choices… correct, maybe not, but if weight of numbers can be counted for anything, these are the best specs.

Gnomer and Out!

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Temporary slow down on mounts after 70

Temporary slow down on mounts after 70

By now you have probably already read this, but I felt like sharing around anyway…

Guess I need a pet pally again…

Ghostcrawler says:

Any items or enchants that affect mounted speed will no longer affect any character over level 70. This includes the Riding Crop, Mithril Spurs, Riding Glove Enchant, Carrot on a Stick, Skybreaker Whip and all similar effects. Talents or spells that affect mounted speed will continue to do. In part, we thought it had become a hassle for players to have to equip (or macro) riding trinkets. We have new plans for how to improve mounted speed that we will unveil eventually.

Gnomer & Out!

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Premature Speculation

Premature Speculation

I just love the title of this post, which is in fact the only reason I am writing it.

I just saw the two words used in conjunction by Karthis from Of Teeth and Claws in a comment to The Rambling Bear’s post It’s Raining. I Swear!

I thought it really summed up the whole WoLK speculation thing.

A WoLK bedroom scene

A few moments of heated grunting and cheering, followed by hours or days of disappointment.

Was it good for you?

No, I am a Mage and it sucked, how about you?

No I am a <insert class here> and it sucked for me too!


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Novelty Glyphs

Novelty Glyphs
Glyph Interface from the Hunters Mark WoLK screenshots

Glyph Interface from the Hunter's Mark WoLK screenshots

I guess one thing that inspires me about the coming glyphs in WoLK, is the flexibility that this will give Blizzard to give us minor tweaks to things, even if they are cosmetic. Most likely they will need to increase the number of minor glyphs that are usable to satisfy my desires, but at least they have given me 2 slots to begin with.

So if I could add some novelty glyphs into the game, what would I add? (more…)

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Spooncraft brings these screenshots of the Flying carpet to my attention & a video as well…

Hope you tailors enjoy them!

Gnomer and out!

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Negative Achievements

It started over at Larisa’s Inn (well to my knowledge) and I see it has cropped up again over at Black Grimoire with Ideas for Negative Achievements

My favorites so far…

Pink Pigtail Inn
Apprentice dc:er. The 50th time you’ll advance to Expert.

Black Grimoire
Guardian of the Cave – You have proven your grasp of tactics by spending 50 AVs defending your home base. The one the other side can’t capture. So your really not defending anything. But who cares, you still get honor just like all the people taking towers, killing players, and defeating generals. Alternately can be awarded if the bot helping you pretend to be active kills 1,000 rams or wolves.

Here are a couple that I can think of:


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A bright future for Fire Mages?

Well all hope is not lost.. actually I never gave up hope, but I know a lot of folks have been planning to log on at 4am in the morning and respec from Fire to Frost or Arcane come WoLK.

No need my Firey friends…

This Blue Post found on MMO Champion’s Blue Post Watcher gives us something to hope for

Where are we headed with the fire tree?

Gnomer and Out!

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Claytons post #2

Claytons post #2

A Claytons Post (The post you have when you aren’t having a post).

I have realised why I Hate Mondays…
Returning to work? No.
Leaving the family? No.
Hundreds of blog entries in my reader? Yes.

Not that I don’t like to read them, it’s just when… I feel like I am on a treadmill.. must grind through posts…

Anyway, finally hit the end of them, and found a few things that sparked my interest and thought I would share them.

This list is really missing most of the “independent” blogging community… not because I didn’t read them, but rather because they were my 1st priority, and now I can’t remember the ones I was going to comment on.

Note to self: Make notes to self!

OK, here we go…. (more…)

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