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I have been a little tardy in spreading the word on this one, but I see that other Mage blogs have been doing their bit, and WoW.com gave it a plug the other day, so I didn’t feel I was failing the Mage community.

However, on the off chance that you only read one Mage blog, and that’s this one, let me tell you about it… (more…)

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20 minutes of Naxx

Well, the 1st 20 minutes at least, but let me come back to that.

I was accused during the week of being vain! Can you believe that!

  • Sure I like myself, a lot…
  • Sure I am a handsome Gnome, very…
  • Sure I like to take screenshots, of myself, from all sorts of angles…
  • Sure I like to run down my teammates (or kill them, whichever makes the better story), to make myself look better…

But vain?

Ok, maybe a little.

Squishing Spiders

Ok, where was I? (more…)

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So while I was spitting and cursing yesterday morning about the scraping episode, I had a quick look at Twitter, and what do I see…

WoW_J: I just heard ‘run for your lives it’s gnomeaggedon’ on tv ?!

WoW_J, from World of Warcraft Junction (more…)

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New AFL season promo

Wait, don’t go away just yet…

OK, this has nothing at all to do with Mages, Gnomes or WoW.

This is all to do with arguably the greatest game on earth… (and yes ladies, there is something for you in this too!)

Aussie Rules Football

The A.F.L. have just released this seasons advertisement… and I must say I love it.



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A TV guide with a  sense of humor?

What’s next?

Obviously this is completely unrelated to WoW, but my Wife and I have been getting a chuckle out of it, so I thought I would share the silliness.

Our local glossy newspaper, come Real-Estate advertisement (Northern Weekly, Fairfax Community network), also has a TV guide.

Here are some of the gems from this weeks guide.

Two and a Half Men: Smooth as a Ken Doll
Barbie convinces her husband Ken to let her use candle wax during an unconventional depilatory session. (more…)

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And that was post 300


Yesterday I clocked up 1,000 comments (remember when you fought so hard to get 1,000 +spell damage in TBC), this morning I knocked up 300 posts (remember when you fought so hard to get 300 +spell damage in Vanilla).

Thanks to all of you that read the blog, especially to those of you that subscribe multiple times via feedreaders so it makes me feel my audience is sooo much bigger.

Just in case you missed it yesterday (as things got pushed down the page) in my frenzy of posts while I watched the WordPress dashboard tick over, check out the Valentines post… especially if you are a lonely heart Gnome.

Also, the Mage disguise post has just dropped a little further down the page due to this pointless post… so have a read if you haven’t as yet.

Gnomer and Out!

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OMW Home

Touchdown Singapore…

Singapore is Mechanar to India’s Wailing Caverns…

Back to Melbourne in a few days, then at some point purchase WoLK, download updates etc… should be back online by Mid Febuary…

Keep on WoLKing On!

Gnome and Out!

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Maybe I have just grown up with too much American TV, but when I think of a fort, I think of a small log barricade to keep the “Indian’s” out.  These ones are huges, and keep the Indian’s in.

Over the couple of weeks I have seen some amazing forts (as they are called in India), which I would be calling castles (don’t get me started on the Palaces… especially my dinner in one the other night). 

The one in Jaiselmier is still inhabited, 45 generations down the track, there are still 4,000 people living in the fort.  The fort in Jaipur holds the largest cannon on wheels, which could shoot a cannon ball 35km (and took 2,200 elephants to pull into place in the fort)

Anyway, in lieu of anything worthwhile from a Warcraft point of view, here are a few shots of forts (I will stick with one for now). (more…)

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Terrorist attacked mumbai.

A gnome with green hair will stand out amongst the crowd.

I hope you and the family are safe and that you are able to continue your holiday happily.

Remember to ‘blink’ like never before if you see any mobs with bombs strapped to them and keep your fireballs hidden away

Stay safe, say hi to mrs gnome and gnome junior and let us know its all good.

cheers and beers


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But… I have attended a Prince’s wedding, and I was the best dressed non-Indian there… actually I was the only non-Indian there, but I showed them how an Indian how to dress as well. (That’s my boy below) (more…)

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