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Continuing my series on why other classes need Mages, I look at two of the other pure DPS classes today.


Why bother reaching for the heights of Damage meter pwnage if you don’t have competition.

Mages provide that competition, big time. More often than not if you are looking at the top 3 positions in a damage meter they will be filled by Hunters, Rogues and Mages.

The question is, which of us will be No. 1? (more…)

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Just Add Water

The world was saved.

  • Druids free to save the Barrens – check
  • Hydras converted to single headed lizards – check.
  • Forsaken dominance of the Razormane stopped – check.
  • Trolls slaughtered by the dozen – check hehehehe
  • The Baron unseated from his mount and Arthas’ shame cleansed – check

The world was saved… Or was it?

Gnomeaggedon rested at the Argent Dawn campsite.

The gryphon ride from Lights Hope Chapel hadn’t filled him with the usual joy at taking wing. So he dismounted before reaching Ironforge, he needed some time to gather his thoughts.


He probably should have ported to Ironforge, but whether it was his unexpected nap in Dalaran or whether he was still high on the arcane energies that he set loose at his foes, he was tired, even a little dizzy.

Luckily a Gnome doesn’t have far to fall, so his collapse was as gentle as tucking a child into bed (more…)

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I want my 3rd Battleground queue back!

Two is OK, it’s certainly better than one. But with the current BG wait times, I need a 3rd option.

Admittedly I am not normally a BG jumper and I dare say being limited to two queues which you may need to wait for an hour for one to pop might well encourage people to stick to a BG.

However inevitably I wait for an hour one to pop, only to have the other pop 30 seconds later. Maybe, just maybe, a 3rd queue would have filled my time. (more…)

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It’s Simple Mathematics

  • 1+1=3:Synergy
  • 0 AB bases vs. 5 = lost AB
  • 15 attackers vs. 15 defenders = routed attack
  • 15 defenders at 1 base = 4 unguarded bases.

Don’t get routed, steal flags!

I was in an AB the other night, actually I was in several.

Two of them stood out.

Alliance meet Brick Wall

In one match the Horde held all 5 bases and the Alliance threw themselves against the pack of Horde time and again to the same result. (more…)

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Somebody, Somewhere, Said Something about me…..  Scarlet Torturers and of course, character portraits…

Yes, yes there was a minor detail about it being a video… but…

If you scroll up and down the page real fast, it will kind of be like a video, the worst video you have ever seen mind you… but… whatever…

Gnomeaggedon has been patrolling the streets of Ironforge, hanging out at the bridge spruking his wares (and you can see all of them hanging out), generally making sure that everyone in Aman’Thul knows that Gnomeaggedon is on a Nekkid protest until he receives the goods in the mail.


Bareback gets a new meaning

He did finally jump on a bird and head to the Monastery. (more…)

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Gank me once…

This is a shout out to my favorite tank, Vikingmetal!

At 74 Squidly realized he was eligible for a new totem, one that did more than just save bag space.

To get it he just had to do some easy peasy dailies in Grizzly hills. They are PvP dailies, in a PvP zone, but hey, I like PvP and these days you are lucky to see someone of your own faction let alone the stinking Horde.

Everything was going to plan, Horde NPCs meeting a swift end, Alliance NPCs being brought back from the brink of full health with a quick bandage. The only sign of PC habitation was another Alliance player at the other side of the camp.

Unholy DK Batman!

Then there was that sound.
There was also that purple stream
Ohhh and of course my body being launched through the air (more…)

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Wubbzy Trains a Farmer

Have I ever mentioned my son Odin?
Have I told you he is 3?

Of course I have, too many times to count.

We have also joked about me training him to farm for me.

That hasn’t happened yet… Yet.

Until recently he hasn’t been allowed to play on the PC.

  • It’s not that I fear that he will break it.
  • It’s not that he would be eating into my play time.
  • It’s not even the fear he will discover my wife’s porn collection.

It’s just that my wife didn’t want him growing up stuck to the PC.

  • Square eyes from too much TV – ok.
  • Broken limbs from falling out of trees – every kid should do it.
  • Farm gold for Daddy – no way!


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Worgens… Whatever…
Goblins… Good on ya…

I want a real race.

I want one with class, with a back story everyone already knows.

I want one with radioactive super powers!

leper gnome

I want a Leper Gnome! (more…)

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Stacking Dailies

  • You can stack consumables
  • You can stack classes
  • You can stack buffs
  • But you can’t stack dailies.

The Log

Sure you can have up to 25 quests in your log and you can do up to 25 dailies in a day, but you can’t stack the same type of daily.

As a casual player (am I allowed to call myself that… I guess not) I don’t get to play every day. I like to pick up the dailies of interest, when I can, but just because they are in my log doesn’t mean I get to complete them, or even start them. (more…)

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