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Stacking Dailies

  • You can stack consumables
  • You can stack classes
  • You can stack buffs
  • But you can’t stack dailies.

The Log

Sure you can have up to 25 quests in your log and you can do up to 25 dailies in a day, but you can’t stack the same type of daily.

As a casual player (am I allowed to call myself that… I guess not) I don’t get to play every day. I like to pick up the dailies of interest, when I can, but just because they are in my log doesn’t mean I get to complete them, or even start them. (more…)

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I’ve been thinking, maybe I should play more and think less, but I can’t so you are forced to delete my posts from your feedreader instead.

So, I am wondering why Blizzard doesn’t introduce scalability into the game. Sure in some cases this my mean a bit of balancing, but in these days of phasing, I wonder if it isn’t more possible than ever.

There are 3 areas (which pretty much covers everything). Mobs, Quests and Instances. (more…)

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Guide: It Goes to 11…

OK, I admit, this one isn’t hard, but it can be frustrating if you get your targeting wrong.

I enjoyed this quest and it’s lead up. Really though, a 3 foot Gnome using a 15 foot harpoon launching flaming arrows at buildings way across a ravine, then at the drakes that come to stop me. This should be a daily!

Anyway, the only reason I am writing about it at all is when I did this quest I spent 5 minutes blasting the buildings for no effect. So, I thought maybe you had to hit the buildings for a certain amount of damage before they were destroyed.

Not so, it is just about targeting the right spot of each building.

I think this is an Alliance only quest.. so sorry Hordies… (more…)

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Joining the Dots (take 2)

Joining the Dots: my love for ? and !

Larisa wrote a fantastic post (as usual) the other day about those ? and ! and how they have shrunk her world, and playing experience.

After reading through it, I found I didn’t agree, I said as much in her comments, but felt I needed to reveal the truth to you all.

You see, those poor ? and ! are sitting targets, easy to see and easy to blame for not experiencing the whole World of Warcraft Experience.  In fact, if anything I have found recently that they are the opposite, not restrictors, rather keys to open the doors of Warcraft.

How can this be? (more…)

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I hate escort quests

While attempting to do Escape from Winterfin caverns, I realized the real reason I hate escort quests.



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More Mage Disguises

SpicyTunas has been bringing us up to speed with a couple of transformations that take your Mage from being 1 in 11,000,000 to something a little different.

We have seen Dwarf Mages and Walrus Mages.

Well I am going to introduce you to two more. (more…)

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A Gnome of loose morals

I might not be an angel after all…


OK, OK, OK.. I was banging on about the horrendous immoral quests in WoLK the other day, but I fear that Euripedes infiltrated my psyche, cause this week I found myself doing all sort of evil deeds… for no better reason that I was helping out my Gnome colleagues. (more…)

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Questing with James once more

For a couple of years (and toons) “my mate James” and I quested merrily along together.

Just the two of us.

As much as he was there to hold my hand and tell me where to go, he was never in my ear, never needed bio’s, never wiped the party.

There was no loot drama with James.   He would tell me what was good, and I would trust him… he never rolled against me.  What I found was mine.

We had a great friendship, better in many ways that the friends I have with my real life friend.  He was if nothing else, always by my side when I needed him, even on the train when I was planning out what to do next session.

Unfortunately even the best of friends part ways, if only for a short period.  Thus it was with James and I.  You see, I had no further need of his assistance, so I casually cast him aside (*actually my wife set him on fire… sounds bad doesn’t it). (more…)

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I wrote just the other day about my questing impairment, but I hadn’t realized just how blind I am.


Yes quest items have sparkles these days to help out the questing impaired, but I think it is time that Blizzard (or a addon debeloper) implemented some sort of audio assistance as well. Something like…

It’s behind you…
It’s right in front of your face you stupid little green haired Gnome!


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Are you questing impaired?


Are you questing impaired?

This can take many forms:

  • Inability to read the quest text to identify objectives.
  • Inability to go in the right direction to find either the quest objective or the quest giver.
  • Inability to see the quest giver or objective even though it is right in front of you.
  • Inability to follow spoken directions by helpful players over vent.
  • Inability to research, or worst case find quest guides.
  • Inability to follow quest guides once found.
  • Inability to find a location even with a loc mod or even a quest helper that clearly marks the location on the map.
  • Inability to differentiate between one variety of a mob and another (eg: young & grisly)
  • Unfortunate ability to delete/ store in the bank/ send to alt/ vendor/auction required quest items.

If you relate to any of these, you may be quest impaired and should seek some professional advice. (more…)

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