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Magetard: like a Huntard, only worse

Pie at ForTheHorde had a great post about avoiding tardness as a Hunter by practicing, practicing and practicing a bit more.

His point was that while leveling and grinding we tend to fall back on lazy practices which will inhibit our ability to excel in instances and raids.

Fundamentally you can get away with sloppy play while soloing. Likewise there is rarely a need to challenge yourself, and on those occasions when a solo pull goes pear shaped, there is a good chance you will accept a ghost run rather than practice “wipe recovery”.

Noobaggedon the Magetard

Reading this post so soon after my Noobaggedon post, it really struck a cord. It occurred to me that I am a sloppy Mage, a Magetard (not a term you hear every day).

I think a part of the problem comes from the very “glass” nature of being a Mage and had been accentuated in my case by both being a Fire Mage and a suicide PvP Mage (and it doesn’t help having limited playtime… But that is ultimately just another excuse).

When I die, I think nothing of it and neither to my group mates. If someone is going to die, it will probably be the dps with the least health, right? Last in line for heals, and 1st to pull aggro.

Here are some of my failings as a Mage: (more…)

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Noobaggedon of Nooberegan

Noobaggedon of Nooberegan

I am a noob, present tense.

I will be a noob, future tense.

I was a noob, past tense.

This post is about past tense, but I will not rule out present or future tense.

Thank you Luthvian for making me relive my embarrassing past, present & future…. some Birthday present!



I mentioned this a little while ago at ForTheHorde, Lactic Acid may not yet have recovered, so I am risking the death of a damn good blogger in repeating this, but…

My 1st toon was a Hunter. My 1st pet was the scruffy Alpha Worg. I love that dog, my wife in her one WoW related moment, named it and I still have it.

Anyway, we all know the bane of all parties in an instance is the Hunter’s pet, the problem was, what to do with it (more…)

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Flamestrike spam


Ran a Heroic VH last night (couldn’t sleep, thought I’d do dailies but the call came out from a guild). It all went well, at least I beat the tank on the scoreboard, I even lived through all the fights. I think I understand the encounters well enough now.

Anyway, right at the end, while I was DEing the drops, my Magely Guildy tells me something I did know.

The dots on Flamestrike don’t stack (ok, I knew that bit, or at least assumed) (more…)

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Ages and ages ago, I made a post about my search for a Mage gear spreadsheet.

It has proven to be one of my most read posts, while also being one of my least commented posts.

I guess people are just using it for the links to the tools that I dismissed.

Anyway, now I am 80 the time has come for comparisons once again, so I have started looking about for tools again. (more…)

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What a weekend!

I was at a LAN, but primarily to catch up with my old mates in person for a change.

No Vent lag when you are all in the same room.

Anyway, I decided to stand my mates up for our usual (traditional) Friday night run. Instead I signed up for Guild Naxx raids for both Friday and Saturday nights. It’s so rare that I get to play both nights and combined with the chance to run Naxx 25, the opportunity was too good to miss.

Sorry guys, back with you next week!

So what did I do from Friday afternoon through to Sunday afternoon?


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Zupa asked if things are as bad as they sound (or I write anyway). InspiredOgre had a bit of a dig at me about my QQ.

I even suggested that I was Q’ing to the power of Q, or as Rip would say, Qubed!

So I will turn it over to the people.

How you you rate WoLK?

On a scale of 1 to 5 (with 1 being QQ and 5 being FTW!)


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Have I raised the dead? Zupa!

It would appear that the incoming Mage Healing Tree (cough… cough…) has some sort of Resurrection powers as well.

I guess it only makes sense that as we are in the era of the Lich King.

Blah, Blah, Blah, Gnomeaggedon, what are you on about?

In an afternoon seance, it would appear I have raised the spirit of…


He has spoken from the grave (which admittedly is the place he calls home) (more…)

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Buffing Mages: A Short History

Buffing Mages: A Short History

I am a little disappointed in my Magely Blog colleagues at the moment, it’s all Q to the power of Q.

Sure it’s nerf to cover up the nerf that we noticed while another nerf was being slipped in, but let’s be a bit more positive about this.

What other class can claim such a high level of energy has been expended on it’s one signature (now sadly ignored) spell.


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The global economy is in a meltdown, and so are our skills.

Alright enough crap comparisons to the economy, I will stick to crap commentary on WoW.

On of the things I have found recently is how devalued certain skills have become.  I was reminded of this the other day by Part Time Druid, and also by someone else that now escapes me (although Big Bear Butt’s discussion about 360 tanking made me /cry a little inside). Oh found another one from Tobold Seen any sheeps lately?

It just seems that in an effort to make everything playable by everyone, it is all becoming quite… well a bit plain.  Sort of like pre-work life when Granny gave you $5 in your Christmas card and you couldn’t contain your enthusiasm… then you get a job, and you start to look sideways at the stingy old bag (bless her soul – you warlocks keep your filthy soul shards of it!).  Now in reality there is the same emotion and even power behind the gift of the cash (or skill/spell etc), but you can’t help but feeling let down.


Back before WoLK hit the shops, just before that is, when the 3.0 changes came out, I was jumping from Thunder Bluff in joy.. AoE as a fire Mage became sooo much fun.  It was new and powerful.  Blizzard told us it would be much more important, we couldn’t imagine how AoE was going to make us the Kings & Queens of DPS, but for the time being it was just pure Win! (more…)

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Gnomish Research: Spells

Klepsacovic suggests it might be Warlock Envy (alright.. any class envy) when Larisa was thinking of new Mage spells, but I also think that instead of the odd new polymorph skin or icon change as a Mage buff, we should be receiving some new and interesting spells.

Now these are just some really rough ideas, thrown quickly into my blog editor, I expect that Blizzard could polish these up, and you wise readers out there could come up with other suggestions.

Here are mine… give me yours!


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