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Hallowed be my Gnome


Hallowed be my Gnome

Only 2 days of work left (or 1 depending on when you read this) and as we finalize our travel arrangements (booking Kerala for Xmas and New Year) I thought I would jump on and do a last look at my toons.

THD reminded me that 3.0.3 was out (shows you how much attention I am paying to WoW), so I was very excited to log in and confirm that Hallowed be my Gnome.

Not only hallowed, but apparently I have gained a mate, a shadow. (more…)

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The race that stops the nation

The Melbourne Cup is tomorrow. Known as the race that stops the. Nation, it at the very least stops Melbourne (public holiday), but most people around Australia stop for the 3 minutes it takes the horses to run the course.

If I wasn’t so busy with travel preparations right now, I would organize an ingame event, similar to the running of the Gnomes where everyone drops down to the Shmmering Flats Mirage Raceway and run a few laps.

Of course to be authentic there would need to be masses of toons in tuxedos and ball gowns in the “car park” downing brews until they chunder.

So if you are online tomorrow, and feel the urge, organize an Azeroth Cup and tell me the results. (more…)

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I’m glad Blizz intends to take the Mask for all occasions achievement out of the Hallowed Be Thy Name title achievement.

Gnomer has it all, except the masks.

The masks, even my otherwise unplayed alts have scored more masks and wands than Gnomer.

Stupid Candy!

Gnomer and Out!

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Happy Diwali!

Happy Diwali to my Indian readers.

That’s it, short but very sweet…. mmmm Indian sweets… Mmmmm

Gnomer and Out!

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Be careful what you wish for…

Be careful what you wish for…

You may get what you want, but not what you need!

I haven’t had much of a chance to read blogs in the last few days…  I think I wont get much of a chance this side of January, but it doesn’t take much to see that there are two diametrically opposed views to the current Scourge Invasion event.

You love it… bring on the Zombies, Infect Me! Infect Me! (or alternatively, Kill them, Kill them all!)

You hate it… I just want to do a AH scan in peace, drop by the bank, do the same old, same old… (more…)

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Or Dwarves, Elves, Space goats, Trolls, Taurens etc…

Generally I don’t mind the lack or shortage of mob models in the game, but I must admit I mind this.

So I get Zombified, cool, I am all for a bit of bone munching and infecting.

But why do I have to be a “human” Zombie (ok, so TV will do that to some humans).

Why can’t I be a Gnome Zombie. 2.5 feet of putrefying flesh bearing do on you may seem to be a joke until you realize you have an infected kneecap.

Come On Blizz, put the bite back into Gnomes!

Gnomer and Out!

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Done & Done

Done & Done

Introducing: Gnomeaggedon Jenkins

and while I am at it, a screen shot of the massive joy that was the AoE that took down the whelps… I can’t say I have ever seen a screen come so alive… and go so dead… (more…)

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Loot bags full of Sinister Squashlings

Loot bags full of Sinister Squashlings

Well, low chance random drop… this is my 2nd one!

In a loot bag?  Who would have thunk it?

Shame it was wasted on me, as you can only have one….

Let me walk you through it… (more…)

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Hollow pleasure

Hollow pleasure

So I jumped on WoW last night because I just couldn’t sleep, the question was what to do.

Time Sink

I decided that I wanted to do my first post-patch PvP, but thought I would quickly go grab lolly jars from The Eastern Kingdoms.  I had 50% of them, so how long could it take.

Man, what’s time sink.  Sure, not hard work, see flight master, fly route, run to inn, grab candy, see flight master.  Rinse & repeat.

While on the back of one bird I started thinking how I should be more efficient, maybe go /love some critters while I was out and about in the Eastern Kingdoms.

Then it occurred to me I was blowing 1/2 hour, why make it an hour?

Anyway, one more achievement down. (more…)

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Pumpkin Head and Pumpkin Pet

Pumpkin Head and Pumpkin Pet

Unusually for me, I managed to experience a bit of an in-game event.

Yep, I ran a whole bunch of Hallows End events.

I would have liked to have done them on Friday night, but they didn’t become active until Saturday morning at 4am… not staying up for that I am afraid. Actually Friday was a complete drag… decided I didn’t want to run Kara for the 1000’th time, even if it can be 5 manned, thought I would work on my addons and maybe PvP for a bit… But I couldn’t get the battlemasters to talk to me… thought it was mods so went though a whole lot of stuffing around with them to read later that the battlegroup was down…

Anyway, Saturday night when I logged in and knocked back a run to MH & ZA, my mates got together to take down the Headless Horseman. (more…)

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