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Fantasy Warcraft League

I’m not a big sports fan, but I understand there is something around called the Fantasy Football League and if my primitive understanding is correct, the concept is that supporters pick what they believe would be the ultimate team of the season.

What would that team look like if it was composed of Warcraft Bloggers and the Superbowl was The Lich King?

I’m not sure I would make the team, but I’d happily join in as a rookie. I’m sure Larisa would be prominent in the EU competition.

I think if I was to build a US/Oceanic team I would start, and quite possibly end, with Jong.

A one man team?

You know as well as I do, that when the chips are down the shirt comes off and not even Arthas could stand before that waxed chest (yes, I still visualize him as a Belf, even after all this time).

He wouldn’t be quite alone of course, I would be his water-Gnome, there to provide mineral replenishing Mage water and high energy food.

I’d be there to wipe the sweat from his brow with the hem of my Blood Mage robe.

Ohhh hang on a tick, does Jong sweat? Is the thought of Jong working up a sweat while saving the world somehow anti-Jong? Is he like the hero(ines) in the movies who save the world yet come out with perfect makeup (man-product) and hair perfect but for one lose strand?

Name your league

So tell me, who is in your perfect W-League team?


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Well, one day for us here Downunder.

I’ve been having a bit of a Twitter discussion with shieldbreakr from Horde of One.

His view on School of Hard Knocks is quite clear… it’s a noob farming opportunity.

If you were to read our Twitter conversations you would think we are on opposite sides of the fence, but in many ways we are on the same side… well, he’s Horde and I’m Alliance, but we agree… PvP is for PvP, not wishy-washy PvE.

But I see there being two ways to play this week and I am going to share my anger about a 3rd way.

  1. This is War – Kill or be killed! If you want the achievement, god damn fight for it!
  2. Let’s get the Achievement out of the way so we can melt faces.  1 minute of truce will mean 100% focus for the rest of the fight.
  3. Selfish Pricks!

This is War – Kill or be killed!

This is shieldbreakr‘s philosophy, which is a good, honorable philosophy.

It is the essence of the Battlegrounds and should be the basis of all Horde vs Alliance relations.

I had 3 WSG’s last night helping a mate get her Orphan a flag, two of them I will come to, but the 2nd one was along these lines (more…)

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Cynwise reminded me that Children’s week is coming next week… err tomorrow… for me. Not only that, but has provided an AWESOME guide for veterans and reluctant noobs alike in The School Of Hard Knocks.

Endario suggested I get my rant warmed up. It’s going to be a hell of a week in the Battlegrounds, whether you know them back to front, or only discover the BG interface tomorrow.

I will rant of course. I love to rant. My next achievement will score me the title

Gnomeaggedon the Mad Ranter

I’m also a little /silly.

So when I started thinking about this (and realized that I don’t have the achievement myself – two rants coming up) it occurred to me that having Orphans in the BGs could be a little fun, if we are proactive about it.

What is your 1st reaction when someone gets their Orphan on?

I bet it isn’t…

Ohh yay, noob PvE’rs hunting achievements in my BGs!

It’s more likely to be.. (more…)

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Are you shaking your bunny maker?

Do you have virtual boobs?

Do you play one of the neglected females, the Dwarves, the Orcs etc?

If you do, why don’t you flaunt your assests?

Grimtorn was saying the other day that on the 1st day of Nooblegarden her female dwarf toon was leading a procession around Dalaran.

Not just of desperate and admiring males trying to pin the ears on the bunny, but ultimately of other female toons.

If you have done any of the events in the past, you will know how frustrating it is to find that one last class/sex/race combination.

This is hard enough on day 1 and 2 of the event, but as the days go by and you have the achievements under your elegant dress, other people cry in frustration at the lack of suitable targets.

It get worse if you are low level with little access to Dalaran beyond a 10g port. Now you will be hunting your faction’s cities for the elusive female dwarf.

There should be hundreds of them in Ironforge right… right?

Ok, maybe not.

So if you’ve got a female character of the appropriate age (level 18+), especially if you have an elegant dress in your bank. Why not prowl the streets of your nearest capital or Dalaran?

Don’t just do it today, do it tomorrow and the next day. Do it every 2nd day until the event is over (more…)

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Apparently it’s Nooblegarden, or Easter or something and Angelya has organised an egg hunt.

Last count there were 35 eggs hidden (or about to be hidden) around the WoW blogsphere.

So while you are waiting for that Nooblegarden egg to spawn, why not go find some in the blogsphere.


Because there is a prize at the end of the hunt.. yes a prize!


I’m very pleased to be able to offer not one, but TWO fabulous prizes for the first two people to email me the list. Mason Cole, an artist who draws amazing fan art for Warcraft and other comic characters, has offered to draw a character portrait for the winner, plus a montage of classes for either Horde or Alliance for the person who comes in second. You can check out some of Mason’s work at his DeviantArt gallery!

This Gnome has laid an egg, so you will need to hunt through my posts to find it… you wont have to go two far back to find it, but I am not going to promise that it as obvious as some.

Got an Hour?

If you do, then go check out WoW in an Hour, more specifically the interview of ME, ME, ME! (more…)

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A change in my wind

You may have noticed this already, but I’m all for stating the obvious.

People are either raiding the hell out of ICC, or warming up alts for the Cataclysm.

The raiding isn’t happening for me. It occurs to me I haven’t even picked up this weeks weekly raid quest.

I’m not even chasing the Frost emblems in the daily random. There’s no question that they are a great way to augment your ICC emblem haul, but I’m not racking up the T10 gear, so my enthusiasm has waned.

As for leveling alts… It was raised the other day by one of my mates. My immediate “no” changed to a maybe reasonably quickly, but I’m stretched playing two characters… So 3 is pushing my luck and time.

Instead I am finding myself spending more time playing my alt…. errr my main… errr the one relegated to alt status, my original love, this blogs inspiration.

Yes, Gnomeaggedon has managed to push Squidly into a dark corner.

Sure Squidly gets let out for a run occasionally, particularly if my mates are looking for heals for a random etc… but otherwise Squidly is too far down the character selection screen.

What has brought on the change of mind?

A few things pushed me over the edge (more…)

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Hey Folks,

I know I was a little negative yesterday about the Bonfire reset, but in reality that has worked out very nicely for me… it means that I have been able to clear up the Midsummer Festival in just over one day without relying on dailies…

I know I should be doing another blogday post… but that will have to wait, as I am at home looking after the young Gnome…

Anyway, when I started this midsummer jaunt, I was relying upon the great strategies of other bloggers… then at one point when I was struggling to find a bon fire, I hit WoWHead and discovered TomTom settings…  Most of them were all over the place, so I started compiling them, only to find one post with most of them…

Anyway, reproduced here for your lack of searching pleasure, the Tom Tom coordinate commands for the Mid Summer Bonfires.  Note, for a nice path to Alliance success, check out this blog post at Pookies Is Not A Bear.

Just paste each line into your chat window, or create a Macro and throw each block in (more…)

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