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Tanking Battlegrounds

I think of BigBearButt frequently. I link to him just as often.

One of the reasons I do, is I love his passion for playing WoW. Like all of us he reaches low points, yet unlike many he finds new inspiration, or is reinspired by different aspects of the game.

He even hit his 1st Cataclysm raid the other day and came out with more boss kills than me… on his “alt”!

There is one part of the game that he hasn’t dipped his toe into, although he often says that he’d love to join me… You know, if he was going to lose his PvP virginity with anyone it would be me.

I want that virginity… I wonder if I can get an achievement for it?

Two things fueling my desire

Anyway, there are two things that have renewed my desire to get BBB… into BGs (more…)

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