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that you appreciate some clear information.

Sure it’s 2+ hours early, it’s a loss of a night of WoW (but then we Aussies have been paying for 7 days of WoW per week and only getting 6 since the servers 1st opened)… but at least it’s clear!

Every now and then I compliment Blizzard, or I dare say a closet Aussie at Blizzard, for putting up more than just the mysterious PDT.

Of course I also let rip reasonably often when there is rubbish warning about downtime, or rubbish updates about extended downtime.

However this is one of those positive moments in downtime alerts where not only is there PDT times, but AEST and a clear indication of what this time zone is with GMT+10 (east coast of Australia), so Kiwis, more-Western Aussies and all the Asian players on Oceanic servers can easily calculate their downtime (more…)

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Cataclysmically Epic

I know some people are bored with the game (again), but I still find things to love, or suck me in.

I’m a bad raider, a bad PvPer, a bad Mage, well a bad pretty much everything “hardcode”

Not only do I find myself switching between characters on a regular basis (as I was explaining to tjey_misaki last night), but also between activities, and even, quite often actually, I find myself being really bad and doing… well, doing nothing.

But what I realise is that Cataclysm has so much to offer from the daydreamer like myself, to the focused nutter.

It could be whirlwinds in Westfall…

Cleaning the streets of Stormwind.. (more…)

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