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I would never stoop so low

as to do lowbie quests.

OK sure, I did it while chasing Loremaster back in WoLK, but you would never find me doing that now.

I never did tell you about my Loremaster journey did I… guess I saved you a lot of boring stories.

Completely drained by Archeology, all my defenses down, I found myself in Westfall the other day.

Oh god it was so boring… the NPCS were banging on about a couple of murders and no sooner would I talk to a PC, then he would be dead as shady characters were seen running from the vicinity.

Hell, I nearly rushed (you know how you rush with that urgent delivery… 3 weeks later) on one occasion when I heard one of my contacts was in trouble…

Ummm, what’s going on here… how can I be getting caught up in a story line when I’m not even reading the quest text.

Damn, now I wish I knew what was going on… nevermind, I will press forward and take the time to read now…


Where the hell is the Deadmines entrance?

Jumping Gnomes, I have been playing this game for how long and I still can’t find the bloody entrance!

Whooooo cut scene…. (I do love the party in this cut-scene)

Ahhh now, I understand what I am doing in the Deadmines these days… it’s just a shame this isn’t a level 85 quest line… Meh, let’s face it, I would only be doing it for the gold if it was (more…)

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Doesn’t mean I do!

Ozruk is here to scare the tanks away

Apparently it would take a Call to Arms booty bag, 2 additional levels, duel wielded legendaries and a harem of fair Gnomish beauties if it meant there was a chance tanks had to fight this guy.

Me, I don’t care too much.

There is one thing I really like about this fight.

People expect to fail, so no one gets uptight if they do and they celebrate (for a good half a second) when we take it down.

Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for other fights (more…)

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The one thing worse than Fishing

I used to hate, no abhor, fishing in WoW and to be honest it’s starting to swing back that way again.

I grew to enjoy it for a few reasons.

  • It was slightly more productive than doing laps of Dalaran.
  • There were achievements, lots of achievements, most of which could be scored while doing relatively productive fishing.
  • I could plop myself somewhere while waiting for LFD or BGs to pop. No risk of missing queues and little movement required.
  • While the activity itself had only moderate rewards as in achievements, it was the resource that could be quickly converted into a useful feast for the raid or BG (yes I popped a fish feast in most BGs – why not?)

My joy for fishing has dwindled a lot. The achievements, two of then, are pointless and unless I spend my time fishing in pools which are few and far between (or phased /sigh). I can’t even cook up the latest fish feast (for another 4,000 fish).

So as that kinda-joy dwindled I was tricked by otherwise sensible bloggers such as Miss Mediocre (who in every other sense writes great stuff) to try Archeology.

I know I am going to offend a lot of people with this next statement, but Archeology is as bad as Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Tine series (may he rest in peace) (more…)

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Lovely head on that Gnome

A quick deviation from our scheduled posting to wish Calvin a happy birthday.

Not something I would normally do, however he has shared a joyful moment with me, thinking (correctly) that it is something that would appeal to me.

This is arguably the 2nd sexiest Gnome you have ever seen… I am still the most sexy Gnome you will ever see, but this is a close 2nd.

Makes you want to me in my gang doesn’t it?

Happy Birthday Calvin.

May all the Gnomes in your life bring you as much pleasure as this one!

Gnomer and Out!

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…it’s not worth saying.

This is a post where I don’t link to BigBearButt (or his Trollinator App post), Larisa (bet she’s already itching to write again) or Euripedes (who has always done his own thing).

No, I’ve done enough of that lately so I promise not to do it in this post.

Nor will I link to Runzwithfire with his Frost rotation flow charts (definitely not his AoE flow chart because that may leave you with a coffee spat keyboard) or Vidyala and her Fire rotation flow chart.

To do so would be to indicate that Mage blogging is still alive. Since I refuse to be the Gnominator, busting rumors across the WoW blogging community as was suggested on TNB (who I wouldn’t link to either), there is no need for me to tell you that things are alive and well in the community.

I will be linking to Arioch because she inspired this post with her very articulate comment on my last post which explained the strat for the dastardly dragon duo.

Which in typical Gnomeaggedon fashion I trivialized with a 3 line version, which got me thinking (always, always dangerous).

If you can’t say it in a macro, it isn’t worth saying!

Borrowed without warning from DM of the Rings web comic

I’ve been in lots of PuG instance runs where at least one person doesn’t know the fight and asks for it to be explained. Often this is the tank… don’t know how they got geared enough to tank heroics without knowing the encounters, but whatever, I still don’t know the strats, I am too busy reading webcomics (for which I am not going to provide links either) to know what really happens (more…)

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Streakers downed Valiona and Theralion last night. (to be honest, I had to look them up to find out their names… I told you the details detracted from the magic right?) Yes, we are a little behind many, probably ahead of others, but then our members have been battling boss mobs of their own: flood, cyclones, earthquakes, 4,000 ping lag leeches, overgrown lawns (hey it nearly killed me!).

I have to say it’s a fun fight with half the battle knowing the differences between purple and blue dragons and which one is actually on the ground.

You want to get hit by some bombs (well at least fear them less), group for some, divide for others all the while watching who the current dragon is looking at and watching the sky for those lovely pink rivers of flame.

Fun, fun, fun, wipes and fun. (more…)

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Larísa’s post the other day (just shows how long ago this post was drafted) got me thinking about the cyclical nature of WoW blogs. I know I was meant to be thinking about what Wolfshead had written and Larísa’s dismay at this, but the problem was, I have seen it before.

Rewriting, Rewording, Rehashing, Reblogging Re:WoW

I’ve been blogging about WoW for 2.5 years, closer to 3, close enough to half the life of the game. I know there are many out there that have blogged since day one, before in fact.

What I write here won’t stop any of us writing, nor force us to change our topic of choice, but to ignore it would be silly.

Of course blogging is more like Twitter than Larisa may ever realize.

Twitter is like a stream of consciousness that the reader drops in and out of. Tweets prior or post that brief moment may as well not exist. So even though you may encounter something tweeted a million times before, if it’s the 1st time you see the tweet, it’s new, fresh, exciting.

Some might even consider the same with schoolyard jokes, and they go back decades… Maybe centuries.

Q: What’s brown and sticky?

When a little kid sprouts a joke you last heard 30 years before hand, the 1st thought you have is “is that joke still around?”. Of course the kid is cackling like and insane Gnome Fire Mage, because the joke is new, fresh, exciting.

A: A Stick

So let’s see, what is rewritten, reworded, rehashed, rebloged, Re:WoW (more…)

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I’m constantly showing Odin (1) new, amazing, things. At 4.5 years old the majority of the world is new, unexplored or at the very least unexplained.

Yet whenever I show him something new, something that I am so excited that I am getting the chance to introduce him to, his response is nearly always the same.

Yeah Dad, I know, seen that.

In the morning I wake him early to see the mob of Kangaroos eating the vegie garden (2), he just rolls over…

Yeah Dad, I know, seen that.

I take him to the zoo and show him weird and wonderful natural creatures…

Yeah Dad, I know, seen that.

I think if I took him back to Mauritius, proved the world wrong and found the last remaining Dodo of which there aren’t even pictures, he would say…

Yeah Dad, I know, seen that.

How can all the wonder of the world be stolen from a 4.5 year old?

  • TV
  • TV and the Internet
  • TV, the Internet and books

Been there, done that, saw the movie before it was released.

Ring any bells?

They all amount to one thing – guides.

Which makes me reflect on the state of WoW, more specifically the WoW player-base, or to hone right in, the guide reading WoW player-base.

We do ourselves no favors proclaiming that the magic has gone, while staring at WoWhead, MMOChampion, WoWInsider or, ummm yeah blogs like this one.

Ever hung out for a new movie, maybe right from the moment it was 1st announced, read every review and update on the movie, watched the “making of” even before the movie was released, maybe just watched the commercial showing the 3 highlights from the movie only to be completely dissatisfied as you leave the theatre?

Ring any bells?

“Vanilla was the best because it was hard back then!”

Funny, cause I have a Wrath Newborn non-guide-reading mate who finds the game really challenging and exciting and umm magical. (more…)

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Failing as a Silly Gnome

I know I let you down yesterday.

I’ve been blogging for 3 years and two of those I have given you April Fools (one of which somehow continues to be one of my most popular posts).

I tried, but my wonderful idea required graphic talent well beyond my ability to press “Prt-Scr”. I did try to engage some wonderful artists, but as the idea came to me so late it is understandable they couldn’t come through. Of course I probably could have reached out to my Number #1 fan as well… but that thought also came to me way too late. So after 4 hours of bashing my head against the WoW Model Viewer I gave up, hardest boss-mob I have ever fought.

So, to try and make it up to you, I present this video sent to me by a mate.

At 1st you may just scratch your head, but I would be surprised if you don’t find yourself playing at least twice and probably sharing it your mates.

I’d love to give credit to my sheep loving and ummm hugging Kiwi mates, but the kinky things done to these sheep are performed in Wales, which adds a new dimension to the Welsh, what an artistic bunch.

Hopefully this makes up for me not pulling the wool over your eyes yesterday.
Gnomer and Out!

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Failing as a Silly Gnome

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