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Tea-bagged by Blizzard

TreeHuggerDave got Tea-bagged by Blizzard.

He had Justice points spilling out the seams of his badly stitched druid gear.

So looking for a worthwhile Justice Point sink, he bought himself, for only 3,000 Justice points a satchel of Freshly-Picked Herbs.

OK, cool.. sounds good… or not…

lol.. OMFG!

Noob you got pwned by Blizzard!

pwned and kicked in the nads

pwned, kicked in the nads and then tea-bagged!

Seriously Blizzard… it’s bad enough that JP are worthless after your 1st run through the normal instances… but wtf?

Give us raw gems like in WoLK.. you know, something useful

But seriously, don’t kick a Boomkin while he’s down.

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