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The one thing worse than Fishing

I used to hate, no abhor, fishing in WoW and to be honest it’s starting to swing back that way again.

I grew to enjoy it for a few reasons.

  • It was slightly more productive than doing laps of Dalaran.
  • There were achievements, lots of achievements, most of which could be scored while doing relatively productive fishing.
  • I could plop myself somewhere while waiting for LFD or BGs to pop. No risk of missing queues and little movement required.
  • While the activity itself had only moderate rewards as in achievements, it was the resource that could be quickly converted into a useful feast for the raid or BG (yes I popped a fish feast in most BGs – why not?)

My joy for fishing has dwindled a lot. The achievements, two of then, are pointless and unless I spend my time fishing in pools which are few and far between (or phased /sigh). I can’t even cook up the latest fish feast (for another 4,000 fish).

So as that kinda-joy dwindled I was tricked by otherwise sensible bloggers such as Miss Mediocre (who in every other sense writes great stuff) to try Archeology.

I know I am going to offend a lot of people with this next statement, but Archeology is as bad as Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Tine series (may he rest in peace) (more…)

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