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My death has been greatly exaggerated (although admittedly some mornings I feel like death warmed up)

The death of Armaggedons Coming! has been greatly exaggerated (hibernating would be a better description)

The death of WoW has been greatly exaggerated (even if it is bleeding, it still has a HoT or two ticking)

The death of WoW blogging has been greatly exaggerated (Even if the community has lost a few writing fingers)

The death of Elizabeth Taylor has been reasonably well reported, although there are rumors of her returning a Forsaken Warlock which may be exaggerated.

But of course I’m not here to talk about million-times married movie actresses that haven’t contributed anything to the world for the last 40 years beyond cheap laughs at their insane life choices.

I’m alive, I’m alive!

Starting with me, I’m here, I’m constantly drafting posts if only in my mind, but my ability to take them from silly idea to silly published post has been severely limited by a lot of things, not least RL dramas and soon the arrival of my (ex)mother-in-law – which isn’t a drama, but will most likely effect my ability to post.

Now I know some people misread my “So, I stopped playing WoW” post and assumed it was a farewell post (but hey, I got an autographed roll of toilet paper out of that misreading). However in reality I was just sharing my latest, but sure to be short-lived joy with you.

Let’s face it, it’s a lot more fun (and makes a lot more sense) to follow a web comic from post 1 to the end, than to only read the latest few. I’m 2/3 of the way through that, so soon you will have my full and undivided atten…


WoW’s Corpse

As for the death of WoW, I remember speculating ages ago (probably on another occasion when the death of wow was imminent), about whether they would ever turn WoW into a single player game when they shut down all the servers (OMG, I had a quick scan when I hunted for the link… I was at the time speculating whether people would be able to solo Onyxia on these single player versions… crystal ball must have been broken that day). (more…)

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