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Throw them to the lions

A combination of work (why do we always work longer and harder after holidays? Is it punishment? Is it to make up for all of those lost days of productivity? I have come to believe that holidays are an illusion) and, the gods forbid, writing some blog posts, have meant that my play time has been a bit limited.

I don’t quite seem to have the time to complete an instance (I might if I hadn’t waited 40 minutes in the queue), finish some dailies, win a BG, etc…

Pirates can't have taken my bandwidth, must be the NINJAS!

I won’t even mention the 8pm ninja lag… It’s lag that isn’t visible via ping tests etc, often WoW tells me I have a comfortable 300ms ping, yet it will take some 15 seconds to do anything… Anything!

This has lead to some unsatisfactory, well unfulfilled, time in game (more…)

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