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Do you ever revisit previous content?

Not in the sense of best of 2010, best of Expansion X, not even visiting the content you may have missed.

No I mean, do you ever go back to the zone (or part of the zone) you just completed?

Until WoLK there was absolutely no value in returning to areas you had comprehensively completed.

WoLK and it’s limited phasing introduced this to some extent, flight masters and vendors would appear where previously there were none.

Wrathgate ensured we could forever hear the screams of the burning fallen and their tormented souls.

Apart from that, I don’t ever remember a reason to return to a zone, to observe MY heroic impact on that zone.

Let’s face it, unless you had a damn good reason (like you are a gatherer) why would you.

You completed the quests, got the achievement, you are done, there are better loots in the next zone, more story lines to ignore, raids to be prepared for.

Gnomes don’t blink backwards.

Ok, sure, 6 years down the track we can still blink and stay in the same place, which given the right conditions feels like I have gone backwards, but I digress (as usual).

As much as I have been at pains to read the quest text, follow the stories and develop that hero that we all know Gnomeaggedon is.

There have been weird moments, like doing The Throne of the Tides and not understanding the significance of the squid head, only to complete the zone and do a big…

Ahhh now I get it!

But, for all my care, Gnomeaggedon always moved forward, never looking back and what he had wrought (more…)

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