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Because I can…

It’s not (about) you, it’s (about) me.

Rebecca from MMO Melting Pot, on ObscureCast #28 defined Cataclysm in one word as Heroic. In the sense that in WoLK we were sidekicks in the action, where as in Cataclysm we are the heroes.

Well, I am the hero!

I know I am the hero because when I reach NPCs, even days after being given urgent quests, the first words out of the NPC’s mouth are something like….

Ahhh Gnomeaggedon, there you are. We really don’t have a chance here, but after hearing so much about you, I know we have at last got a shot.

and of course…

My you’re a tall one!

When it is all done, the quest complete, this little part of the world saved, I get something like.

You did it Gnomeaggedon!

We were doomed, but because of you the sun will shine once more, the flowers will bloom and the rabbits will… err… do what rabbits do.

I do feel kinda of sorry for you mere mortals, but feel free to live in my shadow… here, there is some space right here…

Ohhh my shadow is like that of the BG gear vendors in Stormwind, impenetrable.

Ohhh well, watch your step… Don’t trip on my shadow, I’m not paying your repairs nor throwing you a heal.

The upside for me (downside for you) of my amazing reputation, is I can do things, anything…



I find myself teleporting around the world. Don’t bother tracking me down, one moment Stormwind, next Dalaran, why not visit Tol’Barad.

I don’t do this for any particular reason, except… (more…)

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