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Depression in the workplace: Movember

Ever been at work when you are ill?

Know people at work that are ill?

Maybe you/they have had a little time off occasionally, a sick day here or there.

Do you know someone that has been sick with more than the common cold?

  • Maybe a broken limb.
  • Maybe something more serious like cancer (including depression’s Movember stablemate prostate cancer)

Something that for a period of time prevents 100% attendance, 100% performance?

Land of the Sicky

Australia is the land of the sicky. We, as full time permanent workers, get an allowance of about 10 sick days a year, give or take.

Australia is also a nation where the national pastime has been (this attitude is changing slowly) drinking. There aren’t many events in Australian life where you can’t find a glass of something alcoholic.

When you combine these two aspects of Australian life and work you get another Australian tradition, the “sicky”. Which is of course a sick day for no other reason than to allow you to get over the big night, to sleep out the hangover, or maybe just to hit the pub again for the hair of the dog.

  • If someone is physically ill, we make allowances.
  • If someone is hungover and pulling a sicky, we have a chuckle at their misfortune, curse when it becomes a regular event, but otherwise we just accept it.

Try to get time off or a little bit of leeway because you are depressed and you will get:

Get over it you wuss!

Even when you are providing doctors certificates for your visits to the shrinks.

Even when you make up the lost time with extra hours.

Even when you bust your gut just to get out of bed in the morning, to keep your job, to keep yourself going, to give yourself another tool against depression, you are looked at with suspicion.

The Importance of work

Work is vitally important when you are depressed. You need things to point to and acknowledge that you are of value, that you have success, a reason to drag yourself out of bed every morning, cause god knows that’s hard enough some days (more…)

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