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Just for Cathy…

Just for Justamom Cathy.. can’t have her tapping her feet, so let’s give her a little something…. that… she has not just seen before… but ummm created (with her awesome husbands assistance of course.. never forget the men behind the great women of this world!).

It’s almost kind of rude of me isn’t it…

So unlike me… ;-)

All credit goes to Cathy & her hubby… a lot of the pleasure goes to me!

Now do you think she will wait until I get my quote refreshed?

Gnomer and Out!

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It’s just my telco doesn’t love me.

Somehow I have managed to use my 20gb Internet quota 1/2 way through the month.

Which means no net for me till June 1st.

Well I can, but last time I ignored the quota I paid $200 for a small excess in usage… Not going to happen!

Meanwhile I suggest you read something else… not sure what, maybe you can have a read of CriticalQQ’s short stories.

Maybe tune in live tonight to Twisted Nether Blogcast… I believe that following hot in Pysnister’s heels is Cynwise… More Alt-loving, Twink-loving, BG-loving action! That’s at 8pm PT.

Gnomer and Out!

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Level of difficulty

I got a couple of great entries for this part of the contest. I also got a running commentary from Prelimar about the difficulties of capturing Locks.

I don’t think he had problems capturing them, just screen-shotting them, particularly in Wintergrasp where the little buggers run in packs.

Alterac Valley, Isle of Conquest and Eye of the Storm aren’t particularly screenshot friendly zones either. To be honest it’s rarely a PvP zone, with many an AV flashing by with Drek being the only encounter and as for those docks…. However, if you do manage to find someone to beat down they have mates who may disagree with your desire to “pacify, tag and release”.

Our winner says:

I did mine during Battlegrounds.  It was tough though.  Not every BG had a lock on the other team hehehe.

AV was a nightmare as both sides were fighting in the road and often times I’d have a rogue or warrior on me while trying to cyclone a lock and get a pic.  I’m traumatized to say the least and gave up a few branches on this task for sure.  Unfortunately I didn’t get rid of my tool bars, too much pressure while I’m getting pummeled and doing screenies.

Taking it to a new level

So as the level of difficulty is already established for this task at a high level. One would expect at best one frenzied, blurry screenshot of a lonely Lock.

Yet the winner came out of this with 4 screenshots, a price on her head and a wanted poster as proof of her ability to subdue Locks when they should be at their most powerful.

The irony for me in this is, that while Locks are putting a price on her head to stop the CC, I’d be putting a price on her head to join the campaign for Lock rehabilitation.

Unfortunately the winner isn’t a Mage… Well she is a Mage, or was a Mage, but like many Mages is experimenting with something a little different… A Druid.

Some might suggest that Druids are Priests of Nature… Personally I like to think of them as Bush Mages… There is definitely a bit of Arcane in them.

The clincher about this entry for me is in the last pane. While the Blueberry is humorous, it’s the name in big red letters that caught my eye immediately (more…)

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  • I have consulted the Oracles (well, my Oracle pup at least).
  • I’ve tossed the Warlock bones (some just can’t be saved OK… I’m a great believer in “waste not, want not”, so I have a side business flogging wards of protection from Locks to desperate, but dim witted Warriors).
  • I’ve read and reread the entries and I am unhappy to say that the winner isn’t a Gnome!

However, while this race my not be playable for a few months yet, I can see that they have the makings of great Wizards.

So, without further ado, the winner of The Footsteps of Illidan loot code is…

Actually… Twisted Nether Blogcast live as this post goes live (8pm).. so you could go listen to that right…?


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Save a Soul TODAY!

I have shown you my Lock, now show me yours!

Yeah folks, that’s right, there is little time left if you want to get your hands on one of the two cards up for grabs.

At this very moment in time, your entry could easily be a winner… but only if you get it to be before the 18th of May.. this Tuesday!

I haven’t checked in with the Warlocks to see their Mage kill count, but I’d hate them to win this with a few little do

Twisted Nether Blogcast has moved it’s Live recording to Tuesday nights, the 1st show… Tuesday 18th of May.

Unfortunately this time coincides with my Wednesday working day, but if you get your entries to be before the show starts, I will (try to) drop a line to Fim and maybe your win can get squeezed onto the show.

The prizes:

for Best Screenshot of you turning Warlocks into Non-Combat pets, is Papa Hummel’s Old Fashioned Pet Biscuits

For best 10 step program, is The Footsteps of Illidan (Yeah, take that Locks… here’s you pin-up used to sell our 10 step program!)

Sheep’em, Shoot’em or Rehab’em

At the end of the day I don’t care how you get them back on the right path… just don’t wait too long, or I will have to give the cards back!

Gnomer and Out!

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The guide is below, but 1st an important discussion, particularly considering the frustration this Achievement can bring.

OK, selfish is too strong a word, for most people anyway. Forgetful, unthinking (not it a bad way I promise) might be better words.

Or, are you a generous, considerate Achievement Hunter.

Levels of Generosity

  1. Share with All
  2. Share with Guild
  3. Share with mates
  4. Share with everyone, except “Fred”.
  5. Share with none
  • I share with all, without thinking about it.  If I see an achievement waiting to be plucked, or shared with the common populace of Alliance Aman’Thul, I yell it up and down the streets.
  • Others will just send a message in Guild chat… that’s what Guildies are for right, to share, to help.. and screw the rest.
  • Some will share just with their mates, even if their mates are in the guild, they wont make it public.
  • Poor Fred, he made the mistake of saying he was going to beat everyone in the Achievement hunting stakes, so when you see an achievement on offer, do you share it around Fred’s back? (Yes Mr. Tree, I am talking about you and Mr.Z!… of course you do it intentionally sloppily)
  • Maybe it’s all about you. Share with no one.  Sure you can’t get server 1st, but you can get server 3,452nd and you wont settle for 3,453rd.

It’s up to you, but please share with ALL!

So, we are getting closer to the details of this achievement, but 1st the basic mechanics.

  • There are 8 spawn locations for 8 tomes of magic.
  • There is a 3 hour cooldown from when a book is touched at any of the spawn locations before another will spawn.
  • That respawn will occur any time in the following hour.
  • So it can take anywhere from 3 – 4 hours for a tome to spawn.
  • Once the book is clicked, it remains for 3 minutes, but can be clicked on by anyone during that 3 minutes for credit.

Painful nah?

But wait, it gets worse! (more…)

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He was looking a lot worse until, like cats with a mouse, we chased him around the arena to get a good polymorph shot.

Mind you, he didn’t last long after I confirmed I had the shot.

He is one of many this week, but he’s the one I remembered to screenshot.

As for your LockShots!

Only 8 days (7 in my part of the world) till I pick winners for my Lock Rehab program

So send me either:

  • Your LockScreenShot, or
  • Your 10 Steps of Illidan Rehab program (come on Syrana, I know you want to… you know the addiction from the inside)

I figure I will give the American’s a fighting chance, so I will not close it until midnight on the 18th in some other land… otherwise I will be closing the comp on my 18th.. which will be the 17th for most of you.

But I wont announce it!

I will decide the winners and they will be announced on Twisted Nether, well No, I’m hoping that Fim will tie Nibuca down long enough to get her to announce the winners… so there better be winners, or you will have a  Locktress laughing at you Mages, Hunters, Shamans… who am I kidding, she will be laughing at everyone but Locks.

I am looking forward to the damage that Cynwise and Psynister are going to do to each other in the name of a loot card.

BTW, did you catch Psynister’s Twisted Nether Blogcast the other day?


Me neither… but that is the magic of podcasts.. I expect it will be up in the next day or two (more…)

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Well, one day for us here Downunder.

I’ve been having a bit of a Twitter discussion with shieldbreakr from Horde of One.

His view on School of Hard Knocks is quite clear… it’s a noob farming opportunity.

If you were to read our Twitter conversations you would think we are on opposite sides of the fence, but in many ways we are on the same side… well, he’s Horde and I’m Alliance, but we agree… PvP is for PvP, not wishy-washy PvE.

But I see there being two ways to play this week and I am going to share my anger about a 3rd way.

  1. This is War – Kill or be killed! If you want the achievement, god damn fight for it!
  2. Let’s get the Achievement out of the way so we can melt faces.  1 minute of truce will mean 100% focus for the rest of the fight.
  3. Selfish Pricks!

This is War – Kill or be killed!

This is shieldbreakr‘s philosophy, which is a good, honorable philosophy.

It is the essence of the Battlegrounds and should be the basis of all Horde vs Alliance relations.

I had 3 WSG’s last night helping a mate get her Orphan a flag, two of them I will come to, but the 2nd one was along these lines (more…)

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Just thought I’d share that with you all.  Thank you for the kind wishes.  I think it’s awesome to share the same birthday as good old gnomer.  Err, not old as in OLD-old, but, er-

*steps away from proverbial landmine*

So yeah, 24.  That’s pretty neat, isn’t it?  I have a fond memory of my mage when he was level 24.  It was a stockades run, and I received my first dungeon boost from a level 70.  It came from none other than…

…a warlock.

The lock was pulling 5-6 rooms at a time with her Voidwalker, and at that point, I was not aware that gaining mana from evocation caused aggro.  Wouldn’t you know it, all the defias prisoners went at me and clubbed me to death.  It was embarassing, but a little funny at the same time.

Thankfully, I was soulstoned.

It’s strange.  Looking back at that, it sort of explains why my hatred towards warlocks is merely arbitrary.  There are plenty of things that have happened in my collective WoW experience that would otherwise make me think they’re alright people.

But obligation only goes so far.  Warlocks are smelly, and should be done away with as a class altogether.

That is my birthday wish this year!  No more warlocks!

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It’s Krizzlybear’s (the real life Kriz) birthday today…

Well my today, your tomorrow.

Whenever the 6th falls for you.

So I am hoping you can all help me out.

You see I am not so good with words… Oh I can spew hundreds, nay thousands of them into a blog post without any difficulty, however there is nothing pretty about it.

Therefore I need your help…

Write Krizzly some prose (I think that’s something like literary), or a Limerick, a haiku, or, I don’t know…

He’s one of those literary types.. so I know he loves it… something about Steam-Punk-Fu?

Any Fu is Good Foo?

So. write it in the comments below, so when Krizzly wakes up for his birthday, he’s got a big birthday card waiting for him.

Krizzlybear, Krizzlybear, Krizzlybear,
You change my days to happiness, from despair,
You stand up for Frost
So we know all is not lost,
Happy birthday to you Krizzlybear!

Gnomer and Out

PS: you know how I know it’s Krizzlybear’s birthday today? (more…)

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