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When will I learn…

That I can’t solo a battleground?

I mean it’s quite obvious really, but when I rush to a node and only find 5 opponents, my 1st thought isn’t to run to a safe distance and pick them off…


My 1st thought is whether I can hurt them all in my 1st move.

When I see 10 players battling over a node, do I join them?


I race to the seemingly undefended one. Often it is, when I get there. However as soon as…

Gnomeaggedon has assaulted your honor by ninja’ing your node

…appears on the screen I get a horde of, well of bellowing (often mooing) Horde charging me down.

The post Battleground Leadership makes some good points.

A losing strategy may become a winning strategy if you are all following the plan. Maybe by brute force you can dint the opposition enough for them to doubt their own strategy and either try a new one giving you the chance to capitalize, or fall apart at the seams giving you the chance to dominate.

Of course they may just group up and farm you.. Well, they will group up and farm you. If no single person is threatening their nodes, they can afford to commit their full force to destroying you constantly depleted one.

What happens next?

To my mind it’s what happens when the lemming strat actually tips the balance (more…)

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What a Gnome can’t do with words, a fish can show in action.

  • Ever wondered why 10 apparently organized BG players die one by one when leaving a node?
  • Ever wondered why one guy gets to the next node and looks back to see 2 others dying midfield/on the road, and the others haven’t left the starting position?
  • Ever wondered why you hesitate when one guy charges off, but not when 2 or 3 do?

These fish can tell you.

Catalyst: Follow the Leader (08/04/2010)

Well, these fish and the researchers studying them.

It’s a totally non-wow related video. It goes for about 6 minutes and you will catch the action of the fish about 4.09 minutes in… but if you do skip, you will miss out on the WHY (more…)

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I’m trying…

… but not being very successful…

To be inspired:

The 1st round of Cataclysm class changes have been announced. I say 1st, because experience has taught me that what is announced at this stage of pre-expansion hysteria is not what we will see.

  • I’m humored that this gnome with big balls of fire will have a bigger ball of fire.
  • I’m surprised that “people” find fire & frost ward irrelevant. I know I use them a lot in PvP, but doesn’t everyone use them in VoA?
  • I’m slightly interested that rated BGs are coming, but to be completely and brutally honest I think this is already one patch too late.
  • I’m disappointed that there is no mention of a Gnomeaggedon statue appearing anywhere.
  • As for reclaiming Gnomeregan, well… I know this is blasphemy, but… Whatever!

I’d like to thank folks for the emails and tweets informing me of this, but without trying to sound like an April fools joke, I am actually more excited by the concept of the Trolls retaking their homeland.

To take pleasure in a conversion:

A while back I got a taunting email from a Warlock reader (yeah, I don’t get it either… Locks reading a Mage blog?) (more…)

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A bit of this, a bit of that

Lately I’ve been doing a bit of this and a bit of that.

More of this and barely enough of that!

32 hour working days can knock the stuffing out of you, even if it isn’t immediately apparent. One week I work silly hours, the next week is the annual Easter LAN and I sleep through it. I think I have that all arse about.

In game has been much the same. If you read the WoW in an Hour interview, you already know I like to mix it up. This has never been truer than right now.

I don’t think it’s the pre-expansion malaise, I think is a mix of my love of all aspects of the game and my growing weariness with all aspects of the game.

  • I love a good instance – but one is enough.
  • I love a good battleground – but one (win) is enough.
  • I love a raid – a single weekly raid boss is enough.
  • I love Wintergrasp – but one is enough.
  • I love questing – but 5 are enough.
  • I love Arena – but 10 are enough.

Speaking of Arena

We have managed to get through 2 weeks.

I’d like to say we are getting better.. (more…)

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Are you shaking your bunny maker?

Do you have virtual boobs?

Do you play one of the neglected females, the Dwarves, the Orcs etc?

If you do, why don’t you flaunt your assests?

Grimtorn was saying the other day that on the 1st day of Nooblegarden her female dwarf toon was leading a procession around Dalaran.

Not just of desperate and admiring males trying to pin the ears on the bunny, but ultimately of other female toons.

If you have done any of the events in the past, you will know how frustrating it is to find that one last class/sex/race combination.

This is hard enough on day 1 and 2 of the event, but as the days go by and you have the achievements under your elegant dress, other people cry in frustration at the lack of suitable targets.

It get worse if you are low level with little access to Dalaran beyond a 10g port. Now you will be hunting your faction’s cities for the elusive female dwarf.

There should be hundreds of them in Ironforge right… right?

Ok, maybe not.

So if you’ve got a female character of the appropriate age (level 18+), especially if you have an elegant dress in your bank. Why not prowl the streets of your nearest capital or Dalaran?

Don’t just do it today, do it tomorrow and the next day. Do it every 2nd day until the event is over (more…)

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Apparently it’s Nooblegarden, or Easter or something and Angelya has organised an egg hunt.

Last count there were 35 eggs hidden (or about to be hidden) around the WoW blogsphere.

So while you are waiting for that Nooblegarden egg to spawn, why not go find some in the blogsphere.


Because there is a prize at the end of the hunt.. yes a prize!


I’m very pleased to be able to offer not one, but TWO fabulous prizes for the first two people to email me the list. Mason Cole, an artist who draws amazing fan art for Warcraft and other comic characters, has offered to draw a character portrait for the winner, plus a montage of classes for either Horde or Alliance for the person who comes in second. You can check out some of Mason’s work at his DeviantArt gallery!

This Gnome has laid an egg, so you will need to hunt through my posts to find it… you wont have to go two far back to find it, but I am not going to promise that it as obvious as some.

Got an Hour?

If you do, then go check out WoW in an Hour, more specifically the interview of ME, ME, ME! (more…)

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Midfield is NOT an objective!

Once again Gnomeaggedon proves Gnomes can't Art!

There are many objectives in a battleground. In fact there are several objectives for running an battleground in and of itself.

Objectives of running a BG:

  • Honor: Honor = gear, gems and other stuff.
  • Arena Points: the 1st random BG each day award you arena points. You need Arena Points to get some of the better PvP gear.
  • To Learn: you learn to kill effectively, you learn situational awareness, you learn how to hate the enemy, you learn so you can:
  • Have fun: the better you get and your team mates perform, the more fun you have. Some of the best BGs I have been in were losses… I told you about one a while back.

Objectives when running a Battleground:

  • Capping Towers & Bunkers
  • Recapping Towers and Bunkers
  • Capping Graveyards
  • Capping Resources
  • Killing bosses
  • Blowing gates
  • Destroying demolishers
  • Disarming bombs
  • Touching relics
  • Capping workshops
  • Destroying Towers
  • Running and Capping Flags
  • Protecting your flag carrier
  • Stopping enemy flag carriers and returning flags
  • Protecting your healers
  • Killing or CCing their healers
  • Winning the Battleground

I could go on, but now is the time to make one thing very, very clear…

Midfield is NOT an objective!

It is just a means to an end.

  • Field of strife – not an objective
  • Roads – not an objective
  • Graveyard farming – not an objective
  • Farming WSG midfield – NOT AN OBJECTIVE!

More Honor for doing right than taking (and losing) needless lives


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Trollaggedon’s Coming!


I have had enough!

The Gnome has been fun, but it’s time to get serious.

The reality is that Gnomes and their players are a scorned bunch.

The other reality is that Alliance suck at PvP. Sure they might win 60% of Alterac Valleys, but put them somewhere they can’t Zerg to a PvE encounter in under 3 minutes and they become a bunch of pissy humans.

I came to the realization today. When I think about respected Mages (no not Mage bloggers per se, some of my favorite bloggers are Gnomes…) ingame at least, Gnomes don’t enter the picture.

Actually last night while I was polishing of my artwork on the SotA post (yeah didn’t take long), I discovered a Faxmonkey video, I think it’s reasonably recent, it’s certainly from WoLK.

Do you know who Faxmonkey is?

He is the star – and I mean star – of a series of videos called Stupid Mage Tricks.

This guy makes my eyes bleed at the difference between his skill and mine.

While I was watching the video, the difference between him and I dawned on me. Sure he is primarily Frost, but he uses enough fire to invalidate much of that difference.

The big difference (yer pun intended) is:

I am a Gnome…
He is a Troll!

And we all know…

Troll Racials are Overpowered!


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