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Apparently it’s Nooblegarden, or Easter or something and Angelya has organised an egg hunt.

Last count there were 35 eggs hidden (or about to be hidden) around the WoW blogsphere.

So while you are waiting for that Nooblegarden egg to spawn, why not go find some in the blogsphere.


Because there is a prize at the end of the hunt.. yes a prize!


I’m very pleased to be able to offer not one, but TWO fabulous prizes for the first two people to email me the list. Mason Cole, an artist who draws amazing fan art for Warcraft and other comic characters, has offered to draw a character portrait for the winner, plus a montage of classes for either Horde or Alliance for the person who comes in second. You can check out some of Mason’s work at his DeviantArt gallery!

This Gnome has laid an egg, so you will need to hunt through my posts to find it… you wont have to go two far back to find it, but I am not going to promise that it as obvious as some.

Got an Hour?

If you do, then go check out WoW in an Hour, more specifically the interview of ME, ME, ME! (more…)

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