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I’m a Melee Mage and I’m OK!

I’m a pretty tuff nut for a short green-haired fireball wielding Gnome Mage.

Some people Min/Max, others play their game.

More often than not, when you see the hunter rush into melee you think to yourself

Noob… Ohh no he has geared and gemmed for Stamina and Strength too!

I have a mate that maxed out his 50 character limit so that he could experience all sorts of roles without being limited by a class tag.

It didn’t really matter if the combination he came up with neither made sense, nor was effective, what mattered was that he got to experience and roleplay the game the way he wanted.

With the Cataclysmic changes coming to weapon skills, I took the time (TIME… so much time!) to finish leveling my 4 (including unarmed… 2 achievements for the price of one!).

It was kind of fun… kind of.  I mean duking it out with one mob for 15 minutes is fun right? (more…)

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First up I wish to apologize to anybody I offended with my strong, some would suggest over-the-top angry rant at gold buyers.

Don’t get me wrong, I still believe they are pretty much the scum of the WoW player base, but I encountered something worse, something that unbelievably has taken my desire to play WoW away from me.

They are the…

<Blackrock Exiles>

A bigger bunch of arseholes you will never have the displeasure to encounter in your life.

A shiteful way to end the week.

I had a hard weekend.  I did a heap of repairs on my house before Winter comes and trashes it, leaving me without a roof, leaving my son without a roof.

At the end of a long emotionally charged weekend I sat down to play WoW.

Unfortunately, when I logged in Aman’Thul, in fact all the Oceanic servers, in fact all of the Bloodlust Battlegroup was out for emergency maintenance, with no ETA.

To say the least I was disappointed, but I had an option.. I could join the folks over at Single Abstract Noun for a bit of R&R&R.

Rest & Relaxation & Roleplaying

I had already rolled a character on Argent Dawn US (more…)

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An idea for a new, daily, world event

I’m still boiling over with anger, I can’t believe how angry I am, but turning that anger towards a productive use…

Does anyone know what the punishment is for buying gold in WoW?

I’d be surprised (but happy) if it was a lifetime ban, I expect it would be more like a 72 hour ban.

Many people probably wouldn’t care.

Most of those would be able to pass it off to mates as taking a few days off, or worst case claiming the got down for exploiting the economy ;-)

Daily in-game event

So how about we make sure that everyone knows? (more…)

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F’n Bastards

Noticed how many of these posts have popped up lately?

This was one of my best mate’s epic’d characters… I stress the one of.. he had many.. he is one of my close circle of friends…

I hope some punk comes and burns down your friggin house you scumbag gold buyers!

I don’t give a shit about the gold sellers.. they are earning a living… you are scumbags are buying a living.

Gnomer and get the fuck out!

PS: Thanks to another old mate, Snuff, for proofreading! (cause I am a little to angry to worry about the details… like who I am going to stick the screwdriver into)

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Don’t heal idiots!

Don’t heal the idiots in midfield if they won’t get or help our flag carrier, if they won’t stop the enemy flag carrier.

If the flag carrier is dying due to lack of heals, leave the idiots behind and heal the flag carrier!

Don’t heal the idiots fighting on the roads. If they aren’t on a flag or a node they don’t deserve your love and attention.

Tell them up front:

I only heal people at flag and nodes, idiots will be left to die on the streets

Think of it as Triage.

Save the ones that can be saved, allow the others a quick death.

Gnomer and Out, Squidly and Stout!

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Where the Bloody Hell are you?

I know, the question on many readers lips.

No this has nothing to do with questionable Australian tourism ads, the model that starred in them, or the controversy surrounding her, it’s more of a Where in the world is Gnomeaggedon.

It’s not a simple question to answer, apart from single fatherhood, new-not-quite-waterproof-home-owning and I-have-to-do-what?-by-when?-how? worklife, I have kind of been everywhere… in Azeroth at least.

My newly rediscovered passion for PvP, combined with my determination to complete Loremaster (no matter how many chain quests and dailies I have to complete to open up those last few quests) is leaving me with little time for the greatest pleasure in my life… Blogging.

Anyway, here’s a short pictorial explanation of what I have been up too.

(Note, you know the only thing about this Gnome that is short is the Gnome… lot’s of screenshots incoming!)

Disclaimer: Yes, there might be a certain level of shirt tearing going on in this post…

Where the Bloody Hell are you?

I’ve been (more…)

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To eat that is… don’t try it.. public service announcement and all… any that may think that Gnomes Are Yummy need to be dissuaded of that idea… or can we at least scream out in unison…

We are being repressed!

OK I admit it, this is just a crummy opportunity for me to share some Monty Python (apologies to all off you behind firewalls or on mobile devices… just mark it as unread and come and have a laugh later) and some links that I have found that I love… or that well, maybe I hate the sentiment of the blog titles, but I enjoy the reposte… or is that repast…

Bear Makes Sense, but Three Druid Noob is rolling in the cents

Bear wants to end the Gold selling Prohibition… yeah might sound strange at 1st, but he’s got a point…

But then Raxorbax is rolling in the gold all due to Hackers… and a little good timing.

Doh! Why didn’t we all think of that!

Ixobelle has been pretty quiet, hasn’t got that job at Blizzzard that I wished for (yet… one day) but sometimes the obvious is just so obvious that I want to kick myself…. Ixo kicked me instead.

Why don’t 70% of players make it past level 10?

Trial Accounts?


Ixo has the answer here with 70% of BLAH BLAH BLAH


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