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SotA tips, better than a guide

Cynwise gets the straight lines, I get the curlies

I had a frustrating Saturday night in the battlegrounds. I think I entered every one at least once before I finally completed my random daily.

I mentioned the other day that unlike LFD you need to both:

  1. bring your best game, and
  2. have a reasonable idea of the battleground BEFORE you enter it.

Sure you need to know vaguely what to do in an instance, but if the others know, then an instance can be quite forgiving.

Cynwise and I were discussing giving you Battleground initiates a leg up, so this is the 1st of my helping hands.

SotA (Stand of the Ancients) is a battleground that is easy to hate. It’s easy to get totally pwned and draws are all to frequent and bloody frustrating.

You will find guides to this battleground elsewhere. The layout, the basic tactics etc. This isn’t one of those guides, this is a group of tips, the fundamentals that will make or break a SotA (more…)

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