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The Problem with IWIN/Oh Shit! Buttons

Does your DPS character have an IWIN! button?

Does your healer have an Oh Shit! Button?

Mine do.

If you are wondering where to buy one of these buttons, you are flat out of luck.

You can make one, but you won’t find one on the shelves of your Dalaran vendor.

It is only a macro.

A powerful macro for sure, but ultimately, just a collection of text commands.

It’s called an IWIN!/OhShit! Button because, if used at the right moment, you will get all your activatable cooldowns boosting you to insane levels, allowing you to burn down your opponent, or heal the pants off your mates.

They are awesome. Rather than wasting precious seconds hunting for and pressing buttons in the correct order, you press one button and you are supercharged and ready for action.

For years I ignored the power of the IWIN! button. Finally one day I took the time to write the macro, then cried with joy the first time I pressed the button, because…. IWON!

There is a dark side.

There are times (more…)

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