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Bye Jong!

There should be a link to his final post on the right —>

’nuff said…

Gnomer and Out!

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Some sites give out T-Shirts…

I give out guild tabbards!

Following on my last surprise whisper from a reader the other day (yes I know I haven’t posted in days.. I’ll give you my boss’ email later and you can take it up with him, something about being busy…), I got another whisper today.

Unlike last time where it was a long time reader, 1st time meeter, this was a 1st time reader and 2nd time meeter.

Guild Infiltrator

Is it just me, or do you smell of Horde?

Apparently my guild mates haven’t been doing a good enough job because he has been /who Armaggedons Coming and getting no result… shame on you other 16 members of the guild… (OK, 14.. Balth and Katt are on more often than I am I think…) (more…)

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Three things in Wintergrasp

I lived!

From the beginning of the battle, to the end I lived.

Not Squidly with his “I got heals”, but Gnomeaggedon with this Suicide Mage tendencies, paper thin armor and critmter level health pool.

I guess I have Rip to thank for that, maybe I am less of a suicide Mage now than I have ever been.

Another Battleground, another kill.

The other thing that happened during that Wintergrasp was a little reward for returning to Battlegrounds.

Squidly did this with his eyes closed.. just follow the pack, heal people, soak up the HKs and if things got bad, he would just heal himself.

Gnomeaggedon just found death, death and more death, which was rarely the oppositions, most frequently his own.

Now admittedly I haven’t made it to Prelimar’s 100k kills… but slowly and surely I will get there.

Long time Blogger, 1st time Meeter.

I’ve had lots of whispers in the past, most along the lines of (more…)

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As I have the little own chasing around my legs right now, while the kitten climbs over me getting away from him, I haven’t got the time to go into details…

So I say, go read what Wowhead has to say…

Major Battleground and Honor System Changes Coming Soon

Gnomer and Out!

Major Battleground and Honor System Changes Coming Soon

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Does your main secretly hate your alt?

There was a group last night

LF1M SFK Holiday boss DPS

Squidly went to request an invite but right at the last moment, Gnomeaggedon hip n’ shouldered Squidly away from the key board and said.. (more…)

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I always go left

  • Some go straight (usually the tanks).
  • Some go right
  • I always go left.

It’s an old habit. Whenever I enter a room, both in RL and in game, I head left. As long a my right arm is free to swing a punch, or a sword I am happy.

I’m in the right place – Left.

Of course there is a downside to this. If there is a pat on the left, or the tank leans to the right and clears that side 1st I can get a nasty shock when a mob taps me on the shoulder to ask me why I am there.

Bad BG Human AI.

I dare say it makes me predictable in PvP too.

You may think mobs have pathing issues and are so predictable that they become insignificant (more…)

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The Problem with IWIN/Oh Shit! Buttons

Does your DPS character have an IWIN! button?

Does your healer have an Oh Shit! Button?

Mine do.

If you are wondering where to buy one of these buttons, you are flat out of luck.

You can make one, but you won’t find one on the shelves of your Dalaran vendor.

It is only a macro.

A powerful macro for sure, but ultimately, just a collection of text commands.

It’s called an IWIN!/OhShit! Button because, if used at the right moment, you will get all your activatable cooldowns boosting you to insane levels, allowing you to burn down your opponent, or heal the pants off your mates.

They are awesome. Rather than wasting precious seconds hunting for and pressing buttons in the correct order, you press one button and you are supercharged and ready for action.

For years I ignored the power of the IWIN! button. Finally one day I took the time to write the macro, then cried with joy the first time I pressed the button, because…. IWON!

There is a dark side.

There are times (more…)

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WoW is no better than a holiday

Larisa told me that I was welcome to purge my feedreader, do away with it completely, on one condition.

I must read Pink Pigtail Inn!

She had nothing to fear, I will never purge her feed, although sometimes I am a little behind.

While I was catching up I came across an excellent post about her bubble.

Not her Pally bubble & hearth

Not her burst bubble

No, it was about the protective, even meditative bubble that WoW provides for her.

She relates it back to the bubble you experience when you are drying your hair with a hairdryer. Nice warm winds across your face and a cone of silence that prevents intrusions from the outside world.

Like I say it is a great post and my 1st reaction was all positive, I was nodding until I risked having my head drop off.

However by the time I read through all the comments my real life experiences intruded and while I agree wholeheartedly that a hairdryer makes an excellent bubble, WoW does not (more…)

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A change in my wind

You may have noticed this already, but I’m all for stating the obvious.

People are either raiding the hell out of ICC, or warming up alts for the Cataclysm.

The raiding isn’t happening for me. It occurs to me I haven’t even picked up this weeks weekly raid quest.

I’m not even chasing the Frost emblems in the daily random. There’s no question that they are a great way to augment your ICC emblem haul, but I’m not racking up the T10 gear, so my enthusiasm has waned.

As for leveling alts… It was raised the other day by one of my mates. My immediate “no” changed to a maybe reasonably quickly, but I’m stretched playing two characters… So 3 is pushing my luck and time.

Instead I am finding myself spending more time playing my alt…. errr my main… errr the one relegated to alt status, my original love, this blogs inspiration.

Yes, Gnomeaggedon has managed to push Squidly into a dark corner.

Sure Squidly gets let out for a run occasionally, particularly if my mates are looking for heals for a random etc… but otherwise Squidly is too far down the character selection screen.

What has brought on the change of mind?

A few things pushed me over the edge (more…)

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I don’t have time right now…

I don’t have time right now to give you a whole post..

Work is crazy…

Odin is crazy…

I’m going crazy…

But on a positive note it is Friday (for some, it’s not… yet… /snigger at Arrens, those Locks are sooo yesterday… Still, his Twitter Bio pretty much sums him up… Husband, father and professional smartass.)

It’s a little bit Outlandish

Anyway, a shout out to the podcast I have listened to the longest, they just celebrated their 2nd year of Podcasting and what a perfectly Hobbit-like celebration it was.. with the gifts coming from them.. to many, including me!


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