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I got some feedback this morning

Bitch, Moan, Bitch. It’s all you do! Where are the happy stories?

Admittedly I received this feedback while starring at the mirror. I knew I should have just checked Squidly’s hair in Culling of Stratholme!

But it’s FUN!

Everyone likes a good vent, especially when there is a bandwagon, or group therapy.

It only takes the most minor of things to turn something into the worst, the most dramatic, the end of the world is coming discussion. Not that I am suggesting that the current outrage sweeping the WoW Blogsphere is insignificant.

The Bitch:Joy ratio

Still, I noticed that right now I can quickly write 5 bitch posts for every one joy post.

You know, something good happens you tell one person, something bad happens, you tell 10 (or on the blogshpere 1,000) people.

You run 9 great heroics, but it’s the one shitful one that sticks with you, that you save the story to share with your guild, with your blog readers.

I still remember 1 of the good out of the 9

Well, 3 of the 9 actually and I’ve been meaning to share it with you, but how could I resist the bitch stories?

So here it is.. (more…)

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It’s the Tank’s Fault!

Nerf 'em!

BBB mentioned this the other day (did I tell you I love BBB? I always save up his posts and gorge myself on them!).

Well OK, he didn’t say it was the Tanks fault… but I’m good at taking a phrase out of context and trying to ram that down your throat. He did basically say that Tanks DPS is currently OP.

They should be TPS machines, not DPS machines.

Let’s face it, no one has to grind dailies in their tank spec any more (well, unless the off spec is heals I guess… Mmmm then a gain that isn’t so bad.. I was doing higher dps than the tank and one DPS in HVH the other night… yeah I was meant to be healing … Sssshhhh!)

Anyway, I believe…

No, I know, that one of the reasons that DPS & damage is so low for some dps toons is that the tanks are insane…

Well their damage output is insane.

No, my 1st statement was probably correct..

Tanks are INSANE!

Go on.. Nerf 'em!


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One Wipe Pansies

No, not the pretty flower variety…

I’m pretty sure I have bitched about this before, most likely in a throw away line in a throw away post.

The thing is with my increased playtime, the increased gear availability, overgeared alts, the ROLFSTOMPA heroics and the LFG Naxx10 must have 5,000 GS and ICC achievement mentality that seems to permeate the game right now, it just seems that every time I enter a raid I am surrounded by…

One Wipe Pansies.

What is a One Wipe Pansy?

Maybe the most common example of their occurrence is the best way to answer that question.

Very Overgeared Arseholes!

Err, I mean VoA. 10 or 25, it makes no difference, although the effect is more pronounced in VoA25 (more…)

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Hands up if you are a healer that is drinking more than usual lately?


See that’s the problem with healers, they just don’t get it!

BOOZE, not mana food!

  • If the DPS dies in the bad- HEALERS FAULT!
  • If the 40k (DPS masquerading as) Tank gets 3 shot in regular UK – HEALERS FAULT!
  • If the DPS die to the Whirlwind – HEALERS FAULT!
  • If the dps of the DPS is too low – HEALERS FAULT!
  • If their pet rabbit escapes from it’s cage, jumps on a ship to India and gets run over by a camel in downtown Delhi – HEALERS FAULT!
  • If the healer is OOM on every trash pull – HEALERS FAULT!

What did I miss? Help me fill in the blanks! (more…)

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State of the Gnomes

No Brigwyn, Gnomes never compensate for their "shortcomings"!

I have been a bit blogslack lately, sorry if you eat, sleep and dream Gnomeaggedon & Squidly.

NO! Not EAT Gnomeaggedon… Get your filthy Gnome eating Horde loving knives and forks away from me!

Yeah, so where was I?

It was just over 40c (100f)

Oh yeah, I’ve had an awesome few weeks off. New home for Christmas, Odin full time, blistering weather, holidays at the beach with no phone reception, Gnometransformation machines.

What more could I ask for?

Time playing WoW?

Ohh yeah, I’ve had plenty of that, more importantly the new LFD(G) tool has meant that Gnomeaggedon is getting equal or greater playtime as Squidly.

It started out simply… (more…)

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  • I was upset when I went to roll a Shaman, that Gnomes weren’t an option.
  • I was upset when Cataclysm was announced that there weren’t any Gnome Shaman (Gnome Priests… Pfffttt!)

It may come as a surprise to you that I like Gnomes.


Well it surprised me. I only rolled one because the Human Mage looked like a dress wearing Chuck Norris.

Then came Christmas… and under the tree (outside Ironforge), was a little present just for ME!

Some people transformed themselves to go for the PvP achievement, I transformed For Gnomeregan! (more…)

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Dear Mr. Euripedes, Sir

I know you don’t have much time to reply to emails, so I thought I’d sucker… errr fool you into leaving a post length comment like I did with Typhoon Andrew the other day.


I’m a Fire Mage, I think it’s in my blood.

From the moment I got my 1st fireball and accidentally oneshot the 1st quest giver I knew.

It felt so good I rushed on and levelled my Fire Mage from 1 to 80 in 4 years.

I discovered some time back you are a closet Fire Mage, deceived into the wayward paths of Frost and Arcane (more…)

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It’s a little thing scratching at the back of my mind, but it’s become an aggravating pain since Dechion’s and BBB’s posts have been hijacked from arsehat behaviour to “Dechion is not 1337 enough to play in my sandpit”.

It has been refreshed by the relatively friendly combat occurring on Arioch’s  Clearcasting, starting in the comments of OK in UK, spawning a guest post by Dark/Soth and a rebuttal on DotsandHots which then lead to baseball analogies by Arioch, and even Jong’s point of view.

Heroics don’t belong to anyone and the certainly don’t belong to the 1337!

The objective of the is to provide fun while gearing you for later 1337ness.

Blizzard has complicated that recently with the random-dungeon-emblem-fest (more…)

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I’ve got a GearScore… It’s somewhere between 1 and 5000. I know it was 4554 a week or so ago.

A friend looked me up while he snowman danced with me, otherwise I would have no idea.

I did some Ulduar

Off tangent for a moment, I’ll bring it back on course I promise.

Back a day or so before appearing on TNB, I did a couple of bosses in Ulduar. We only got Flame Leviathan and XT down, wiped on Razorscale and chucked it in. It was a late night, spur of the moment thing so no wucking furries.

Can you heal Ulduar10 hardmode?

I was in LookingForRaid when I got the whisper. I said I doubted it, but if it was normal I’d be ok.

He asked for GearScore and Achievements and I foolishly said yes (more…)

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It’s been a while hasn’t it… no not so much since I posted, but yes I have been enjoying my holidays, my time with Odin, my new house and…

Well, that’s what I’m trying to say, it’s been a while since Gnomeaggedon got more than a mailbox check.

Squidly’s sick of random dungeons, because doing the same instance time and again doesn’t feel all that random.  He’s also run afoul of GearScore and Achievement linking… people on Twitter got to hear me howl about that, but that can wait for another day.

Gnomeaggedon Frost Nova’d and Polymorph: Turtle’d Squidly to get a bit of play time.  Something a little bit less about you (or them) and much more about me.

See that’s the thing about healing, ultimately it’s all about them…

  • Keep the tank alive – he’ll save you but = them
  • Keep the DPS alive – they’ll turn the DPS meters red with blood = them
  • Loot drops and someone Ninja’s it = them (admittedly not as bad as Dechion’s experiences, expounded upon by the BigBearaggedon (no… not yet… but soon… sooon Mmmmwwwwhhhhhaaaahahhahaha! Make sure you read BBB’s last comment it realy sums up these fucksticks, forum trolls and bullies in general, as well as the true thoughts of higher beings like us)
  • Loot drops for Squidly that’s an upgrade & he’s called a Ninja = them (yes another holiday adventure story for another time)

Time out for me, Me, ME I TELL YOU!

After Squidly started sporting nice new Triumph clothes and couldn’t remember why he was in Wintergrasp and the other battlegrounds any more (stupid f’n you can’t queue for more than one activity!), Gnomeaggedon reared his little green head and said…

Please Sir, can I have some more.. emblems… and FUN!

Queue Wintergrasp… Queue Random… hell, just Queue!


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