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Invite people!

I’ve been pugging a lot.

I mean everything.

  • Sometimes I’m not even in LFG and someone plucks me out of nowhere to heal.
  • Sometimes I start joining myself up to LFG and I am grabbed before I even complete my selection.
  • Sometimes I join LFG and… Nothing. Hours can go by with no bites on my instance fishing line.

Lately I have found myself starting groups just because, well the reason I joined LFG was I want to run an instance, so spending even 10 minutes fishing in Dalaran is a waste of my limited time.

So here’s some tips for getting a group together (more…)

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I healed ToC

I finally reached 78 and the instance options opened above me.

  • Utgarde Pinnacle
  • Culling of Stratholme
  • Occulus
  • Halls of Lightning


  • CoT

I signed up for a few of them, ran a couple of them just fine, but I wasn’t going to sign up to heal CoT.

Can I heal Normal ToC after being 78 for 10 minutes?

I checked with my mates:

You think I can heal normal ToC?

No bloody way mate, it’s hard!

So I stayed away from ToC in the LFG interface.

Until.. (more…)

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Raid For A Cure

I’m there… are you?

raid for a cure

So is Jöng


Update with all the good and bad screenshots I took. Bad included just in case it’s the only shot in existence with your character in it.

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Two Things…

Number 1: Hearts, Hands & Voices

Number 2: World of Warcraft Raid for the Cure!

I’m going to try and be there… but I can’t represent as Gnomeaggedon!  Someone already has that name… So I will be there as Squidly’s Mate.

Gnomer and Out!


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The Goddess arrives

The Goddess arrived on the physical plane and chose a suitable body to inhabit.

Maybe a little on the short side, but possessing the required hairstyle and devilish powers.

She set of in search of the one she had come for, across the snow and ice of Dun Morogh.

Little did she know that it was unusal for the one she searched for to be present at this time of the day.

He prepared for battle.

Unusually for him he rose early.  Not tied down to the normal daily chores, he donned his armor in preparation for a new day (more…)

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race change

This is a post to answer a question, but 1st I have a question…


I don’t think so… even Jong didn’t think so, so who would think so?

Who says Blizzard doesn’t have a (perverse) sense of humor?

What actually initiates the “all in” call?

WoWenomics has directed folk here to pick up the basics on Alterac Valley from my post Life is Cheap #4: Your First Alterac Valley as PvE player and (I assume) one of those folk was Joe.  He had a good question (more…)

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80 Squid

I got 80 S’quid!

And Squidly makes two.

we prevailed

At one point I didn’t think I’d have one, now I have two (more…)

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