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Tanks need Mages because

Who needs Mages?

Tanks need Mages!

They don’t need us for healing admittedly, although I have popped a bandage on a tank before when we were the last two standing.

No, Tanks need Mages for the challenge of playing a Tank, we make life… Errr hmmm… Fun!


Mages measure their ability to play their class by DPS. Tanks measure their ability via TPS (more…)

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… and It annoys me a little bit.

  • If you’ve got a Mage, you use it.
  • If you don’t, I’m sure you’ve seen it used.

You tend to notice when your Mage population instantly expands.

Where there was one, there are now four or five (add a few more if you have some VooDoo Gnomes along for the ride).

Three or four of them throwing frostbolts like snowballs, the other slightly more intelligent one mixing it up with their flavor of the month spell of choice.

If you thought the Mage overpopulation was confusing, imagine how the mobs feel, whether lackeys or bosses they now don’t know who to hit.

We are just a little vain

Mages love them for a variety of reasons, not the least being 4 or 5 naked Gnomes is always better than 1. (more…)

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See, I Told You!

This is Odin’s (my son) favorite phrase when he does something we have warned him about, only to have it come true.

G.N.O.O.B. Rage

I expressed my frustration at Alliance EoTS groups the other day. Their practice of grabbing one tower then fighting over a flag that will give crap returns has made me frustrated and angry… Angry enough that I now wear a deserters buff rather than bang my head on my desk in frustration.

I just want to clearly show you what happens when one side grabs and controls the 4 towers & ruins (more…)

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Groovy Gnew Gnomeaggedon

Nothing has changed here at the Home of the Gnome.

If you are viewing this via a blog-standard web browser you wont notice anything different.

However, if you are, like me, the proud owner of an iPhone or similar web enabled phone, gnomeaggeon.net will have a brand new look! (more…)

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Three things that made my Day

It’s a rare day that more than more than one awesome thing happens, even rarer when there are three!

So I am going to share with you the 3 awesome things that made my (yester)day.


empowered fire

It’s a rare day you discover a new Mage blog, Fire Mage blog, or Gnome (and Human) blog and while it isn’t so rare to find a blog written by women, how rare is it to find a blog written by a Female Gnome Fire Mage  and her Female Human Fire Mage friend?

(I have rolled characters on both of their servers in the past too… one of which was my 1st Mage… the one that convinced me I wanted to play a Mage, just not of the Human variety… small world hunh!)

On top of that they are empowered! (more…)

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awake at last

He woke suddenly from a deep, maybe unnatural slumber. He knew this place, it was the portal room in Dalaran.

asleep at the portal

A quick two fingered gesture and his mind was refreshed, his mental powers enhanced. Another simple gesture and his renewed Molten Armour flared, roasting the spiders and shriveling the cobwebs that had gathered on his body.

The last thing he remembered was porting to Dalaran as he had done hundreds of times before (more…)

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battle of the healers 02

There are two ends to a battleground, oh what’s that Gnomeaggedon…

There are four… Maybe more, but I only have 4 fingers to count on.

Ok, let me rephrase that, there are two ends to a battleground scoreboard.

Hands up if you have NEVER reviewed the scoreboard that the end of a Battleground (or even during the battle).

No, not many.  I thought as much… (more…)

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This post is about all the mindless Horde.

No, not the 95% of the furiously keyboard turning opposition, the other 5%…

Their pets.


Hunters and Warlocks, even Mages, love healers. We are easy targets

While their over armored buddies are taking one in the face for their side, they like to try and even the odds.

/tar healer
/send pet

If they are close enough and not yet under pressure from your side, they will also take a few pot shots. Nothing serious you understand, a few dots here, a few dots there (more…)

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Two Extremes: Healing

When I play Gnomeaggedon, it’s on from the moment I enter an instance or raid.

Buffs, tables, scorch, Living bomb, Frostfire bolt, Flamestrike, Blizzard, Hotstreak, drink, loot, move, scorch….

I always assumed it was the same for the other roles, never a dull moment, but nothing that can’t be handled by doing things right.

I dare say it’s pretty much the same for tanks. Mark, pull, gather, pump cooldowns and specials, watch and stop the runners, take opportunities as they come up… “Rage” bar full… let’s pull!

The other Extreme

It’s not the same for healers, particularly Shaman healers, from my experiences (as limited as they may be) and my reading (more…)

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The Cone of Silence: Party Chat

Vent drives me a little bit insane, or at least it did.

When I was playing with my mates every Friday it was an essential means of communication. Often we would forget to type out the instructions to the couple of pugs that were running with us.

It wasn’t all sunshine and light though. Sure it was a bunch of long term mates (30 odd years for one mate as an example), but the difference between meeting in a pub and meeting over headphones is you can walk away from your annoyance-of-the-moment in the pub.

So it’s been a little while now since we have been together and we rarely get on vent together any more (more…)

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